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HELP for Searching Small Business Source System Database

The Small Business Source System can be used to search for procurement information in multiple ways by using any or all of the following types of information about the small businesses profiled in the system. It is not necessary to fill out every part of the form. You must, however, enter sufficient search criteria to limit the results to 25,000 firms or less, so as not to bog down the system and adversely affect other users.

Businesses can be searched for using any of the following search criteria:

Again, it is not necessary to fill out every part of the form but the more criteria you specify in your searches, the more precisely your results will match your needs.


First, a definition: A "Criteria Type" is any text entry box, check box, radio button pair or drop-down menu, except for the following:

This definition makes possible the following observations:

  1. The more Criteria Types you use, the narrower your search. So, for example, if you check both the Minority and the Woman/Women check boxes, you will be searching for companies owned by minority women, not companies owned either by a minority or by a woman/women.
  2. Within a Criteria Type, the more values you enter, the wider your search. So, for example, if you enter "443120, 532420" in the NAICS Code field, you will be searching for companies that have either 443120 or 532420 as one of their NAICS Codes.

Explanations of the different fields


Ownership Data:

Women-Owned Business:

Federal Certifications:

Input Codes:


Business Type:

Last Updated:

Minimum Acceptable Bonding Level(s):

Quality Assurance Standards:

Security Clearance:


Electronic Data Interchange Capability:

Accepts Government Credit Card?:

Maximum number of firms to be displayed at a time:

Show the following fields in the firm list:

Show these fields in table format / in mail-merge format:


Small Business Source System database search results will appear in the format you chose with the fields you selected. In order not to show favoritism to profiles that were entered into Small Business Source System early-on: As of version 3.0 of Small Business Source System, the search results will be randomized by the time of day you pressed the "Search Using These Criteria" button on the main search page. For more detailed information about a company returned in the search, click on the company name hot link.

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