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Headquarters Telephone
Service Information



This is Government property published for official business of the Department of Energy.

The DOE switchboard hours of attended service are 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday on all official Government work days.


Employees should arrange for telephone service through their division Administrative Officer. Employees should promptly inform their division Administrative Officer of services or items of equipment which are no longer needed.


DOE Order 200.1 supercedes and designates DOE Order 1450.3A as a Guide. DOE Guide 1450.3A was published to clarify the policy regarding authorized use of Government telephone systems. The Order authorizes the use of Government telephone systems in the interest of the Government, and for personal calls which must be made during working hours, but which are not charged to the Government, as provided in paragraph 8a.



These procedures apply to telephone service at the DOE Headquarters offices in Washington, DC and Germantown, MD.

1. Interoffice Calls. Telephone calls between DOE Headquarters stations can be made by dialing the last five digits of the telephone number listed.

2. Transferring Calls from Outside. You may transfer an incoming local or an FTS2001 call by depressing the switchhook once. Listen for short spurt of tones followed by a steady dial tone; then dial the desired station number. When station answers, announce the call and hang up.

3. Washington Metropolitan Exchange Area (WMEA) Dialing Procedures. Due to the demand for additional telephone numbers in the Washington Metropolitan Exchange Area (WMEA), the Bell Atlantic Telephone Company has instituted a 10 digit dialing protocol for local calling under certain circumstances.

It is important to know the area destination of your local call. A local call to a Washington Metropolitan Exchange Area Number with a different area code requires that the area code be dialed. There are no toll charges for this type of call.

a. From Forrestal & Satellite DC Locations - Dial 9 + seven-digit number.

b. From Germantown & Satellite MD/VA Locations - Dial 9 + 202 + seven-digit number.

a. From Forrestal & Satellite DC/VA Locations - Dial 9 + 301 + seven-digit number.

b. From Germantown and Satellite MD Locations - Dial 9 + 301 + seven-digit number.

a. From Forrestal and Satellite DC Locations - Dial 9 + 703 + seven-digit number.

                    b. From Germantown and Satellite MD Locations - Dial 9 + 703 + seven-digit numbers.

          c. From Satellite VA Locations - Dial 9 + seven-digit number.

4. Local Troubles. Should you experience trouble with your telephone set or telephone line, report the trouble by dialing 120.


1. FTS2000 access and personal credit card calls. See the instructions in the section titled FEDERAL TELECOMMMUNICATIONS SYSTEM FTS2001.


The Headquarters Telephone System is equipped to provide three types of conferencing arrangements.

1. For conferences of four to 30 people, dial the DOE operator with the names and numbers of the conferees. It is the responsibility of the conference originator to inform all participants of the date and time period of the conference.

2. Conferences of three or less can be established from any station. After contacting the first party:

3. Meet-Me Conference. A prearranged conference call of up to 60 participants can be established by having each party call in to a predesignated number assigned by the DOE operator for a specific date and time.

Meet-Me Conference facilities are finite and assigned on a first come first served basis. To arrange for a conference, contact the DOE Operator at least four hours in advance. It is recommended that for large conferences of 30 or more, and to the extent possible, you should make your conference arrangements a week in advance. You must then notify each conference participant to call the preassigned number at the specified time. Each party calling into that number will automatically be connected to the conference.


The Headquarters Voice Messaging System (VMS) improves staff productivity while reducing the secretarial position telephone answering workload. To facilitate this, secretarial-type telephone answering positions will not be provided voice mailboxes. DOE F 4250.2, Requisition for Supplies, Equipment, or Service, is used to request a VMS mailbox.

The requisition must provide a justification and be approved by the subscribers immediate supervisor. Process the request through your organization's Administrative Officer to the Office of Operations (MA-44). Once service has been approved, an orientation session will be provided to each user to help them effectively utilize the system.

Travelers can check their voice mail by dialing 1-800-832-0885 for Forrestal, 1-800-578-1385 for 950 L'Enfant Plaza, or 1-800-832-0890 for Germantown. These numbers connect you to the VMS. From there you will be able to call up your voice mail by dialing extension 6-7800 and following the prompts or you may dial any extension number within the Headquarters Telephone System. If after receiving your voice mail messages you wish to be connected to an extension, dial 5 and 0. This will connect you to the DOE operators who can dial your desired extension.

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