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NEMI Version 2: -- View the prototype search interface, with new features and functionality.
Use NEMI first to compare and contrast the performance and relative cost of analytical, test, and sampling methods for environmental monitoring. NEMI is a free, searchable clearinghouse of methods and procedures for regulatory and non-regulatory analyses.
NEMI Version 1
(1) Search by analyte name; (2) search by CAS* number; and (3) search by method number from a dropdown list.
Presents more options, including the ability to limit returns based on detection level, method source, and instrumentation.
Look for methods under general categories, including medium (air, water, soil, etc.), subcategory (organic, radiochemical, etc.), source (EPA, USSG, etc.), or instrumentation.
Search for methods approved for drinking water or wastewater regulations.
Not sure which search to use? This option retrieves all methods in the database.

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NEMI is being developed under the direction of the Methods and Data Comparability Board, a partnership of water-quality experts from Federal agencies, States, Tribes, municipalities, industry, and private organizations. The Methods Board is chartered under the National Water Quality Monitoring Council, whose mission since its charter in May 1997 is to coordinate and provide guidance on implementation of the voluntary, integrated, nationwide monitoring strategy.