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United States Department of Health and Human Services: Leading America to Better Health, Safety and Well-Being
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  1. General remarks
    • A record must contain all of the information you specify in order to match your query. As more search criteria is provided, fewer matching records will be found.
    • Most directory entries are not fully populated. Some data items are likely to be missing in nearly every record. For example, searches on building or city will produce all matching entries in the directory, but not necessarily all employees who work at that location.
    • Directory searches are case-insensitive. You may use upper, lower, or mixed case.
    • Multiple matching functions ('begins with', 'contains', etc.) are available for most data items.
    • Each agency within HHS is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of its data.
    • To report omissions or to make corrections, see the HHS directory contact list.

  2. Help on search criteria
    Last name
    Names that should contain special characters (e.g., O'Brien, Smith-Jones, or Van De Camp) may be entered into the directory with alternative spelling (e.g., O Brien, Smith Jones, VanDeCamp). In such cases, if you cannot find the person you seek, try a different spelling, or use the 'ends with' matching function.
    First name
    Similar considerations as for last name. Often difficulties arise with multiple-word names (e.g., Mary Ann -- is Ann a middle name or the second word of the first name?) and nicknames (e.g., Tom -- is the first name Tom or Thomas?). In these cases, using the 'begins with' matching function and partially specified names (Mary or T) can be helpful.
    Use the 'equal to' or 'not equal to' matching functions to limit selection to, or exclude entries belonging to one of the agencies listed below.
    • ACF - Administration for Children and Families
    • AHCPR - Agency for Health Care Policy and Research
    • AOA - Administration On Aging
    • ATSDR - Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
    • CDC - Centers for Disease Control
    • FDA - Food and Drug Administration
    • HCFA - Health Care Financing Administration
    • HRSA - Health Resources and Services Administration
    • IHS - Indian Health Service
    • NIH - National Institutes of Health
    • OIG - Office of the Inspector General
    • OS - Office of the Secretary for Health and Human Services
    • PSC - Program Support Center
    • SAMHSA - Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
    Other org
    Enter the acronym, or slash-delimited acronym list for any HHS organizational component at any level. Directory entries vary widely as to how detailed this data item is populated. Some provide agency acronym only; others provide top-to-bottom component acronyms. Examples: "OIRM", "PSC/ITS/DAAD".
    Job title
    This data item is sometimes useful for finding employees who do a certain type of work. In such cases, use the 'begins with' or 'contains' matching functions. Directory entries vary widely as to whether and how this data is populated. FDA titles are frequently truncated.
    Enter topical search criteria. Please note: this field is sparsely populated in the directory.
    If you know the HHS buildings, pick one from the list.
    The data item actually contains city state and (sometimes) zipcode, separated by spaces. Use the 'begins with' matching function to find entries by city. Use the 'contains' function to find entries by state, but type a space before the state abbreviation (e.g., ' MD'). Use the 'ends with' function to find entries by zipcode. Don't type a comma after the city name.
    Telephone numbers are usually entered in this format: xxx-xxx-xxxx. Use the 'begins with' matching function to find employees with a given area code or exchange.
    Enter an internet e-mail address. The values in the directory may differ from those seen in e-mail headers, particularly for NIH.

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Directory services provided by Program Support Center
To make corrections, see the HHS directory contact list.

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