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Hearing and/or Speech Impaired
Telephone Communications

To call a deaf, hard of hearing, or speech impaired individual who uses a Telecommunication Device for the Deaf (TTY), you must have a TTY or use a relay service.

A relay service provides a communication link between deaf individuals using a Telecommunication Device for the Deaf (TTY) and hearing individuals using a standard voice telephone, communicating simultaneously with each party. When the hearing caller speaks, the operator types the information to the TTY caller and, when the TTY caller types, conversely reads the message to the hearing caller.

Dialing instructions:

Tips for using the relay:

Relay Service Numbers:

Federal Information Relay Service (FIRS)                    DC Relay
1-800-877-8339 TTY/Voice                                               202-855-1000 Voice
                                                                                     202-855-1234 TTY

Maryland Relay                                                            Virginia Relay

1-800-735-2258 TTY/Voice                                               1-800-828-1140 Voice
                                                                                     1-800-828-1120 TTY

DOE Employees with TTY Numbers

Name TTY Number Fax Number Organization Room Number Location
Reynaldo Agront 202-586-1382
202-586-7409 EE-2G 5G-046 FORS
Annette Black 301-903-3235 301-903-8342 IM-11 G-022 GTN
Desiree Cipriano 202-586-6463 202-586-0552 EI-20 2H-055 FORS
Laura Gurganus 301-903-8826 301-903-9972 ME-14 C-251 GTN
Phoebe Hamill 202-586-6099 202-586-1188 FE-24 4G-039 FORS
Deborah M. Johnson 202-586-9259 202-586-9652 EE-3A 6B-089 FORS
Suzanne K. Piper 202-586-7989 202-586-2252 ME-50.2 4E-050 FORS
Debra Yared 202-586-4737 202-586-8415 ME-1.1 4A-221 FORS

DOE Locator Services Directory

V/TTY: Answered by voice, TTY compatible


TTY Number

Room Number


Career Management Resource Center 202-586-2452 V/TTY GA-156 FORS
Dependent and Health Care Services 202-586-5203 V/TTY GG-028 FORS
Dependent and Health Care Services 301-903-9733 V/TTY A-075 GTN
Interpreting Services for the Deaf 202-586-7989    TTY 4E-050 FORS
Main Lobby 202-586-4471 V/TTY FORS
Main Lobby 301-903-9735 V/TTY GTN
Security Console 202-586-3389 V/TTY 1G-042 FORS
Security Console 301-903-9734 V/TTY A-070 GTN
Vacancy Announcement/Related Pers. Serv. 202-586-6155 V/TTY 4E-084 FORS
Vacancy Announcement/Related Pers. Serv. 301-903-9547 V/TTY F-125 GTN

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