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Peggy L. Fischer
Associate Inspector General for Investigations

The Office of Investigations develops and coordinates our outreach efforts, and assesses and investigates allegations of wrongdoing. Our outreach efforts are essential to building partnerships within the agency, with other federal agencies, NSF awardees, and scientific communities. These partnerships assist us in promoting education on ethical issues and resolving integrity and efficiency matters effectively.

We investigate allegations of wrongdoing involving organizations or individuals that receive awards from, conduct business with, or work for, NSF. In investigating these allegations we assess their seriousness and recommend proportionate action. When possible, we work in partnership with agencies and awardees to resolve these issues. When appropriate, the results of these investigations are referred to the Department of Justice or other prosecutorial authorities for criminal prosecution or civil litigation, or to NSF management for administrative resolution.

Our criminal and civil investigative resources focus on allegations of intentional diversion of NSF funds and material false statements in information submitted to the Foundation. Intentional diversion of NSF funds for personal use is a criminal act, which can be prosecuted under several statutes. Investigating these allegations is a priority for our office. We encourage awardees to notify NSF of any significant problems relating to the misuse of NSF funds, because it significantly increases our ability to conduct investigations and possibly recover funds for NSF.

Our administrative cases include those addressing allegations of research misconduct such as falsification, fabrication, and plagiarism. Research misconduct strikes at the core of NSF’s mission, and is a special concern for our office.

Name Telephone E-Mail
Catherine N. Ball (703) 292-7302
Crystal S. Blackshear (703) 292-5004
Alice M. Boone (703) 292-5024
Lewis A. Burkley (703) 292-4981
Kenneth L. Busch (703) 292-4569
John P. Cieplak (703) 292-4976
Paul J. Coleman (703) 292-7918
Fara Damelin (703) 292-8873
James C. Evans (703) 292-7398
Peggy L. Fischer (703) 292-4889
Montgomery K. Fisher (703) 292-4987
Brian E. Hess (703) 292-5001
Ginna Ingram (703) 292-4984
William J. Kilgallin (703) 292-4993
James T. Kroll (703) 292-5012
Aaron S. Manka (703) 292-5002
Scott J. Moore (703) 292-4991
Matthew M. Quinn (703) 292-4989
Lee M. Stokes (703) 292-5180
Carol E. Taylor (703) 292-5015
Eileen Vidal-Codispot (703) 292-4979
Richard F. Woodford (703) 292-4999
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