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Select this to show all trials. Include trials that are no longer recruiting patients.
      (List All  846 recruiting studies)
1.3M Pharmaceuticals      (1 recruiting study)
2.Abbott Laboratories      (16 recruiting studies)
3.ACADIA Pharmaceuticals Inc.      (1 recruiting study)
4.Acambis      (1 recruiting study)
5.Actelion      (2 recruiting studies)
6.Active Biotech Research      (1 recruiting study)
7.Advanced Bionics      (1 recruiting study)
8.Advanced Biotherapy, Inc.      (1 recruiting study)
9.Adventrx Pharmaceuticals      (1 recruiting study)
10.Aeris Therapeutics      (1 recruiting study)
11.Agouron Pharmaceuticals      (1 recruiting study)
12.Alcon Research      (17 recruiting studies)
13.Alexion Pharmaceuticals      (2 recruiting studies)
14.Alfacell      (1 recruiting study)
15.Allergan      (2 recruiting studies)
16.Allos Therapeutics      (1 recruiting study)
17.ALTANA Pharma      (4 recruiting studies)
18.Alteon Inc.      (1 recruiting study)
19.ALZA      (1 recruiting study)
20.American Bioscience      (4 recruiting studies)
21.Amgen      (23 recruiting studies)
22.AnGes      (1 recruiting study)
23.Antigenics      (2 recruiting studies)
24.Apex Bioscience      (1 recruiting study)
25.Ariad Pharmaceuticals      (4 recruiting studies)
26.ArQule      (1 recruiting study)
27.Array BioPharma      (1 recruiting study)
28.AstraZeneca      (24 recruiting studies)
29.AtheroGenics      (1 recruiting study)
30.Avanir Pharmaceuticals      (1 recruiting study)
31.Avant Immunotherapeutics      (1 recruiting study)
32.Aventis Pharmaceuticals      (13 recruiting studies)
33.AVI BioPharma      (1 recruiting study)
34.The Avicena Group      (1 recruiting study)
35.Avigen      (1 recruiting study)
36.Bayer Corporation      (6 recruiting studies)
37.Berlex Laboratories      (3 recruiting studies)
38.BioCryst Pharmaceuticals      (2 recruiting studies)
39.BioCure Medical      (1 recruiting study)
40.Biogen Idec      (6 recruiting studies)
41.Bioheart, Inc.      (2 recruiting studies)
42.BioMarin Pharmaceutical      (1 recruiting study)
43.Biomeasure Inc, Ipsen Group      (2 recruiting studies)
44.BioMedicines      (1 recruiting study)
45.BioNumerik Pharmaceuticals, Inc.      (2 recruiting studies)
46.Biovest International      (1 recruiting study)
47.Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals      (3 recruiting studies)
48.Boston Scientific Corporation      (1 recruiting study)
49.Bristol-Myers Squibb      (16 recruiting studies)
50.British Biotech Pharmaceuticals      (2 recruiting studies)
51.BZL Biologics      (1 recruiting study)
52.Callisto Pharmaceuticals      (1 recruiting study)
53.CancerVax Corporation      (1 recruiting study)
54.Cardio Vascular Genetic Engineering      (1 recruiting study)
55.Cardiome Pharma      (1 recruiting study)
56.Cardiovascular Clinical Research      (1 recruiting study)
57.Celgene Corporation      (10 recruiting studies)
58.Cell Genesys      (2 recruiting studies)
59.Cell Therapeutics      (1 recruiting study)
60.Celsion      (1 recruiting study)
61.Centocor      (6 recruiting studies)
62.Cephalon      (7 recruiting studies)
63.Ceregene      (1 recruiting study)
64.ChemGenex Therapeutics      (1 recruiting study)
65.Chiron Corporation      (4 recruiting studies)
66.Coley Pharmaceutical Group      (4 recruiting studies)
67.Columbia Laboratories      (1 recruiting study)
68.Consultants in Neurology      (1 recruiting study)
69.Corautus Genetics      (1 recruiting study)
70.Corgentech      (1 recruiting study)
71.Corixa Corporation      (5 recruiting studies)
72.Cortex Pharmaceuticals      (1 recruiting study)
73.Cosmo Bioscience      (1 recruiting study)
74.CoTherix      (1 recruiting study)
75.Cubist Pharmaceuticals      (1 recruiting study)
76.CV Therapeutics      (1 recruiting study)
77.Cytokine PharmaSciences      (1 recruiting study)
78.Daiichi Pharmaceuticals      (6 recruiting studies)
79.Dendreon      (1 recruiting study)
80.DeveloGen Israel, Ltd.      (1 recruiting study)
81.Diagnostic Ultrasound      (1 recruiting study)
82.Discovery Laboratories      (1 recruiting study)
83.Dupont Pharmaceuticals      (1 recruiting study)
84.DynPort Vaccine Company      (1 recruiting study)
85.Eisai Medical Research Inc      (8 recruiting studies)
86.Elan Pharmaceuticals      (3 recruiting studies)
87.Eleos, Inc.      (1 recruiting study)
88.Eli Lilly and Company      (37 recruiting studies)
89.EMD Pharmaceuticals      (1 recruiting study)
90.Encysive Pharmaceuticals      (1 recruiting study)
91.Endovasc      (1 recruiting study)
92.EntreMed      (1 recruiting study)
93.Enzon      (1 recruiting study)
94.Epeius Biotechnologies      (1 recruiting study)
95.Exelixis      (2 recruiting studies)
96.Eximias Pharmaceutical      (1 recruiting study)
97.Eyetech Pharmaceuticals      (3 recruiting studies)
98.Fallon Clinic      (1 recruiting study)
99.Favrille      (2 recruiting studies)
100.Focus Surgery      (1 recruiting study)
101.Forest Laboratories      (1 recruiting study)
102.Fujisawa Healthcare, Inc.      (2 recruiting studies)
103.Fujisawa Pharmaceutical      (2 recruiting studies)
104.Genaera      (1 recruiting study)
105.Genelabs Technologies      (1 recruiting study)
106.Genentech      (11 recruiting studies)
107.Genitope      (1 recruiting study)
108.Genmab      (3 recruiting studies)
109.Genta      (2 recruiting studies)
110.GenVec      (2 recruiting studies)
111.Genzyme      (5 recruiting studies)
112.GERCOR      (11 recruiting studies)
113.Gilead Sciences      (3 recruiting studies)
114.Glaxo Wellcome      (2 recruiting studies)
115.GlaxoSmithKline      (35 recruiting studies)
116.GPC Biotech      (2 recruiting studies)
117.GTC Biotherapeutics      (1 recruiting study)
118.Guilford Pharmaceuticals      (1 recruiting study)
119.Health Decisions      (1 recruiting study)
120.Hemispherx Biopharma      (2 recruiting studies)
121.Hoffmann-La Roche      (29 recruiting studies)
122.Hudson Health Sciences      (1 recruiting study)
123.Human Genome Sciences      (1 recruiting study)
124.Idenix Pharmaceuticals      (2 recruiting studies)
125.Idun Pharmaceuticals      (2 recruiting studies)
126.ILEX Oncology      (3 recruiting studies)
127.ILEX Pharmaceuticals      (4 recruiting studies)
128.ILEX Products      (6 recruiting studies)
129.ImClone Systems      (6 recruiting studies)
130.Immunex Corporation      (1 recruiting study)
131.Immunomedics, Inc.      (1 recruiting study)
132.Implant Innovations      (1 recruiting study)
133.INO Therapeutics      (5 recruiting studies)
134.InSightec-TxSonics      (1 recruiting study)
135.Inspire Pharmaceuticals      (1 recruiting study)
136.InterMune      (5 recruiting studies)
137.Introgen Therapeutics      (4 recruiting studies)
138.IVAX Research      (5 recruiting studies)
139.Janssen Pharmaceutica      (3 recruiting studies)
140.Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research and Development, L.L.C.      (19 recruiting studies)
141.KAI Pharmaceuticals      (1 recruiting study)
142.Kanglaite-USA      (1 recruiting study)
143.Kos Pharmaceuticals      (5 recruiting studies)
144.Kosan Biosciences      (1 recruiting study)
145.La Jolla Pharmaceutical Company      (1 recruiting study)
146.Leap of Faith Technologies      (1 recruiting study)
147.LEO Pharma      (2 recruiting studies)
148.Ligand Pharmaceuticals      (5 recruiting studies)
149.Light Sciences Corporation      (2 recruiting studies)
150.Lorus Therapeutics      (2 recruiting studies)
151.Luitpold Pharmaceuticals      (1 recruiting study)
152.McNeil Consumer & Specialty Pharmaceuticals      (2 recruiting studies)
153.Medical Research Laboratories International      (3 recruiting studies)
154.The Medicines Company      (11 recruiting studies)
155.MedImmune, Inc.      (3 recruiting studies)
156.Medtronic      (1 recruiting study)
157.Merck      (27 recruiting studies)
158.Merck KGaA      (2 recruiting studies)
159.Merix      (1 recruiting study)
160.Metabasis Therapeutics      (1 recruiting study)
161.Milkhaus Laboratory      (1 recruiting study)
162.Millennium Pharmaceuticals      (12 recruiting studies)
163.Mitsubishi Pharma Corporation      (2 recruiting studies)
164.Myogen      (2 recruiting studies)
165.Nabi Biopharmaceuticals      (3 recruiting studies)
166.Neopharm      (5 recruiting studies)
167.NeoRx Corporation      (1 recruiting study)
168.NeoTherapeutics      (1 recruiting study)
169.Neurobiological Technologies      (2 recruiting studies)
170.Neurochem Inc.      (1 recruiting study)
171.Neurocrine Biosciences      (1 recruiting study)
172.NeurogesX      (2 recruiting studies)
173.NeuroPace      (1 recruiting study)
174.NewLink Genetics Corporation      (1 recruiting study)
175.Nitromed      (1 recruiting study)
176.Northfield Laboratories      (1 recruiting study)
177.Novacea      (2 recruiting studies)
178.Novartis Pharmaceuticals      (21 recruiting studies)
179.Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals      (1 recruiting study)
180.Novogen      (1 recruiting study)
181.Novuspharma      (2 recruiting studies)
182.NPS Allelix Corp.      (2 recruiting studies)
183.NS Pharma, Inc.      (1 recruiting study)
184.Nuvelo      (2 recruiting studies)
185.Oncotherapeutics      (1 recruiting study)
186.Ono Pharma      (2 recruiting studies)
187.Onyvax      (1 recruiting study)
188.ONYX Pharmaceuticals      (2 recruiting studies)
189.Organon      (4 recruiting studies)
190.ORION Clinical Services      (1 recruiting study)
191.Orphan Medical      (3 recruiting studies)
192.Orphan Therapeutics      (1 recruiting study)
193.OSI Pharmaceuticals      (4 recruiting studies)
194.Otsuka America Pharmaceutical      (2 recruiting studies)
195.Otsuka Maryland Research Institute      (6 recruiting studies)
196.Oxford BioMedica      (1 recruiting study)
197.Peptimmune      (1 recruiting study)
198.Pfizer      (45 recruiting studies)
199.Pharmacia      (1 recruiting study)
200.Pharmacia and Upjohn      (1 recruiting study)
201.Pharmacyclics      (5 recruiting studies)
202.PharmaMar      (2 recruiting studies)
203.PharmaNet      (1 recruiting study)
204.Pharmasset      (2 recruiting studies)
205.Pharmion      (1 recruiting study)
206.PhytoCeutica      (1 recruiting study)
207.Point Therapeutics      (4 recruiting studies)
208.Pro Vantage      (1 recruiting study)
209.Pro-Pharmaceuticals      (1 recruiting study)
210.Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals      (3 recruiting studies)
211.Progen Industries Limited      (1 recruiting study)
212.Progenics Pharmaceuticals      (1 recruiting study)
213.Proneuron Biotechnologies      (1 recruiting study)
214.Protein Design Labs      (3 recruiting studies)
215.QLT Inc      (1 recruiting study)
216.Quintiles      (2 recruiting studies)
217.Repligen Corporation      (3 recruiting studies)
218.Ribapharm      (1 recruiting study)
219.Romark Laboratories L.C.      (1 recruiting study)
220.Salmedix      (2 recruiting studies)
221.Sangstat Medical Corporation      (1 recruiting study)
222.Sanofi-Synthelabo      (4 recruiting studies)
223.Savient Pharmaceuticals      (1 recruiting study)
224.Schering-Plough      (11 recruiting studies)
225.SciClone Pharmaceuticals      (1 recruiting study)
226.Scios      (4 recruiting studies)
227.Seattle Genetics      (3 recruiting studies)
228.Selective Genetics      (1 recruiting study)
229.Serono      (3 recruiting studies)
230.Shionogi      (1 recruiting study)
231.Shire Pharmaceutical Development      (2 recruiting studies)
232.Sigma-Tau Research, Inc.      (2 recruiting studies)
233.Sirius Medicine      (1 recruiting study)
234.SkyePharma      (1 recruiting study)
235.SmithKline Beecham      (2 recruiting studies)
236.Sonus Pharmaceuticals      (2 recruiting studies)
237.Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, Inc      (1 recruiting study)
238.Speedel Bio      (1 recruiting study)
239.Stressgen Biotechnologies      (1 recruiting study)
240.Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals America      (2 recruiting studies)
241.Sunesis Pharmaceuticals      (1 recruiting study)
242.SuperGen      (7 recruiting studies)
243.Symphony Neuro Development Company      (1 recruiting study)
244.Synta Pharmaceuticals, Corp.      (6 recruiting studies)
245.Taiho Pharma USA, Inc.      (1 recruiting study)
246.Tanox      (1 recruiting study)
247.Targeted Genetics Coporation      (1 recruiting study)
248.Telik      (5 recruiting studies)
249.Theradex      (2 recruiting studies)
250.Therakos      (1 recruiting study)
251.Theravance      (2 recruiting studies)
252.Tibotec Pharmaceutical      (2 recruiting studies)
253.Tillotts Pharma AG      (1 recruiting study)
254.Titan Pharmaceuticals      (3 recruiting studies)
255.Transgene      (1 recruiting study)
256.Triangle Pharmaceuticals      (1 recruiting study)
257.United Therapeutics      (4 recruiting studies)
258.Unither Pharmaceuticals      (2 recruiting studies)
259.Urologix      (1 recruiting study)
260.Vascular Sciences Corporation      (1 recruiting study)
261.Versicor      (1 recruiting study)
262.Vertex Pharmaceuticals      (1 recruiting study)
263.ViaCell      (1 recruiting study)
264.Vical      (1 recruiting study)
265.Vicuron Pharmaceuticals      (3 recruiting studies)
266.Vion Pharmaceuticals      (3 recruiting studies)
267.VitaGen      (1 recruiting study)
268.Voyager Pharmaceutical Corporation      (1 recruiting study)
269.WellSpring Pharmaceutical Corporation      (1 recruiting study)
270.Wellstat Therapeutics      (2 recruiting studies)
271.Wilex      (2 recruiting studies)
272.Winston Laboratories      (1 recruiting study)
273.Wyeth-Ayerst Research      (30 recruiting studies)
274.Xanthus Life Sciences      (1 recruiting study)
275.Xcyte Therapies      (3 recruiting studies)
276.Xenova Biomedix      (2 recruiting studies)
277.Zivena      (1 recruiting study)
278.�ngstrom Pharmaceuticals      (1 recruiting study)
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