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The Washington Post 
Reservists' Health Care Coverage Extended 
Read the story...

Cox News Service  
Pensions Lost To Cash Advance Scheme  
Read the story...

Active-Reserve Study May Help Navy Give More Reserve Support In Iraq 
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Headline Story Image Checkbook Check 21 is a federal law that is designed to enable banks to handle more checks electronically, which should make check processing faster and more efficient. Instead of physically moving paper checks from one bank to another, Check 21 will allow banks to process more checks electronically. The bottom line is you must always make sure you have enough money in your account to cover the checks you write at the time that you write them. 
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The Dangers of Payday Loans 
While everyone out there seems to want to lend you money, there is no "free" lunch and there are no "free" loans. Learn about the true dangers and costs of "fast cash" loans.   More...
Check Cashing Center for Payday Loans

Do You Pay Your Bills Late? 
Are your bills piling up at home? Do you even know when they are due? If you don't pay your bills on time, the consequences could be costly, resulting in poor credit, late fees, and even repossession.   More...
image of cash, checks and credit cards

Think Before You Write a Bad Check 
You found that item you just have to have. Unfortunately, you don't have the money in your account to pay for it. Stop and think! Writing a bad check is illegal, it can lead to large fees, debt, jail, and even separation from the military.   More...

LOI and Bankruptcy: It Doesn't Have to Be You 
If you neglect to pay your bills on time, creditors can contact your command. This is normally done through a letter of indebtedness (LOI). Learn about the cause and effects of a LOI and what happens when you declare bankruptcy.   More...

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-AnyServiceMember Mail Program
-Navy Newsstand
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-American Red Cross
-Armed Services YMCA
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Absentee Voting Week Kicks Off Oct. 11 
Absentee Voting Week by the Federal Voting Assistance Program  More...

Boot Camp Virus Stopped 
New vaccine designed to combat a virus that's plagued military boot camps.   More...
US Marine devil dog

Earning a Degree, the Navy Way 
From the Commander of Naval Education and Training.   More...
Photo for Scholarhip Opportunities article

Savings Keep Increasing For Navy Exchange Customers 
Savings continue to rise at NEX.  More...
Navy Exchange 21.1 percent savings

Shipmates Donate to Hurricane Ivan Victims 
You can help the hurricane victims.  More...
Hurricane Ivan

Coping With the Aftereffects of Combat 
LIFELines' latest video "Combat Stress Reactions: Normal Responses to Abnormal Conditions".  More...
Combat Stress Reactions Button

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Ombudsman Training Video LogoCasualty Incident Stress Managementcaco small tv link
USMC VideosMCPON Minute with Terry D. Scott (SS/AW)Navy Marine Corps News

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