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Biomedical Technology Clinical Research Comparative Medicine Research Infrastructure
Biomedical Technology provides advanced technologies, shared instrumentation...

Clinical Research provides specialized facilities, clinical-grade biomaterials, career development...
Comparative Medicine supports specialized research, animal models, biological materials, training...
Research Infrastructure develops institutional biomedical research capacities; constructs and renovates facilities...
Research Funding Opportunities
Access to Scientific Resources
About NCRR
News and Events
Publications, Plans, and Reports
Welcome to the National Center for Research Resources (NCRR), a component of the National Institutes of Health. NCRR supports primary research to create and develop critical resources, models, and technologies. NCRR funding also provides biomedical researchers with access to diverse instrumentation, technologies, basic and clinical research facilities, animal models, genetic stocks, biomaterials, and more. These resources enable scientific advances in biomedicine that lead to the development of lifesaving drugs, devices, and therapies.
Research Funding Opportunities
NIH "Roadmap" initiatives; grant descriptions and funding mechanisms; grant programs, announcements, and notices; application requests, forms, and review; grant policies and guidance
Access to Scientific Resources
biomedical technology resource centers; general clinical research centers; clinical-grade gene vectors; human tissues, organs, and islet cells; vertebrate and invertebrate animal models and stocks; biological materials; comparative medicine information sources; and genetic and genomic resources
About NCRR
mission; organization chart; director's page; strategic plan; budget; advisory council and grant review committees; history; Freedom of Information Act; contacting NCRR; employment information
News and Events
calendars of events; meeting reports and summaries; news releases; NCRR and grantee news
Publications, Plans, and Reports
grant program fact sheets; research resources directories; NCRR Reporter magazine; strategic plan; resource-related reports

NIH Funds Exploratory Centers for Interdisciplinary Research
NIH Funds National Technology Centers for Networks and Pathways
Funding Opportunities

NIH Funds First National SNP Genotyping Center at Broad Institute
Research Centers in Minority Institutions International Symposium
Program Announcement: Extramural Research Facilities Improvement Program
Program Announcement: Novel Approaches to Enhance Animal Stem Cell Research


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