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Genetic Events May Cause Deadly Childhood Cancer
Finding may provide targets for new treatments
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New Technology Clears Clogged Arteries
Might reduce number of bypass surgeries, study says
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Anti-inflammatory Creams Ease Arthritis in Knee
Safer alternative when pills cause side effects, study finds
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Epilepsy Drug Linked to Developmental Delays in Offspring
Study finds kids showed low IQs when mothers took sodium valproate
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Clinical Trials Update: Oct. 14, 2004

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Ephedrine Can Cause Sudden Death
The supplement created potentially fatal heart rhythms in a study with dogs, a new study says.
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Laughter Breaks Ice During Psychotherapy
When patient and therapist laugh together, a shared experience and bond are formed, researchers suggest.
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Health Highlights: Oct. 14, 2004

Health Tip: Does Your Newborn Have Kernicterus?
Symptoms include yellowing of the skin and eyes

Health Tip: Should I Worry About Feeling Blue?
Some warning signs of depression

Health Tip: Walking Machines
Your feet do a lot of traveling

Health Tip: Need Exercise?
Do some yard work

Health Tip: Chlamydia Screening
Most recommended for sexually active young women

FDA Approvals
Implanted Medical-Records Chip Approved
Key information travels with you

Abilify Wins Approval for Bipolar Disorder
Calms uncontrolled mania

New Opioid Painkiller Approved
Labeling warns of potential for abuse

Nonprescription Defibrillators Approved
To regulate abnormal heartbeat

Anti-Snoring Device Approved for Sleep Apnea
Stiffens tissue in throat

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