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Helix Systems at CIT.
The Helix Systems are a group of high-performance computers available to NIH personnel for scientific purposes. Major protein, nucleotide and other scientific databases are maintained and updated, and an extensive collection of software is available to manipulate them. In addition, mathematical, graphical and internet tools are available on the helix systems.

Frederick Biomedical Supercomputing Center at NCI.
NCI's FBSC is located in Frederick, MD, and provides computational support for biomedical research to NCI, NIH and extramural biomedical researchers. Web-based applications include sequence analysis, phylogenetic analysis, gene mapping and databases.

National Center for Biotechnology Information at NLM.
NCBI, NLM maintains Genbank, Entrez, and Blast which are available to all researchers at NIH and elsewhere. In addition, selected databases such as OMIM are web-accessible at NCBI's web site.
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