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Public Health Assessments

ATSDR's public health assessments are being converted to Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) format to make them available to the public over the Internet. Health assessments from October 1994 to present are now available. The public health assessments are organized according to the ATSDR regions where they originated.

For more information on the health assessment process, please read the Foreword . To retrieve a public health assessment, click on the region of your choice, and you will see the list of health assessments currently available from that region. The listings are in alphabetical order, by state.

In the HTML version, each public health assessment has been divided into four or more portions for facilitating reduced downloading time. The groupings of different sections of the document correspond roughly to an "Introduction" section, an "Evaluation" section, a "Conclusions" section, and an "Appendices" section.

Please send comments and suggestions to Lateefah Daniel , DHAC, ATSDR. Email:

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Sensitive Map of ATSDR/EPA Regions Washington New Hampshire Oregon California Nevada Arizona Utah Montana Idaho Wyoming North Dakota South Dakota Colorado New Mexico Texas Oklahoma Arkansas Louisiana Nebraska Kansas Iowa Missouri Minnesota Pennsylvania West Virginia Virginia Massachusetts Rhode Island Connecticut New Jersey Delaware Maryland Washington, DC Kentucky Tennessee Mississippi Alabama Georgia Florida South Carolina North Carolina New York Vermont Maine Alaska Hawaii Guam American Samoa Trusted Territories Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Puerto Rico Virgin Islands

  Region 1   Region 2   Region 3   Region 4   Region 5
Connecticut New Jersey Delaware Alabama Illinois
Maine New York Maryland Florida Indiana
Massachusetts Puerto Rico Pennsylvania Georgia Michigan
New Hampshire Virgin Islands Virginia Kentucky Minnesota
Rhode Island     Washington, DC Mississippi Ohio
Vermont     West Virginia North Carolina Wisconsin
            South Carolina    
  Region 6   Region 7   Region 8   Region 9   Region 10
Arkansas Iowa Colorado American Samoa Alaska
Louisiana Kansas Montana Arizona Idaho
New Mexico Missouri North Dakota California Oregon
Oklahoma Nebraska South Dakota Marianas Islands Washington
Texas     Utah Guam    
        Wyoming Hawaii    
            Trust Territories    

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