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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Information about NTIS

The National Technical Information Service(NTIS) serves our nation as the largest central resource for government-funded scientific, technical, engineering, and business related information available today. Here you will find information on more than 600,000 information products covering over 350 subject areas from over 200 federal agencies.

Information on National Audiovisual CenterThe National Audiovisual Center is a unique centralized resource for federally developed training and educational materials and includes over 9,000 audiovisual and media productions.

Watch Video at NAC Screening RoomUse our NAC Screening Room to view clips from our most popular videos available for purchase. Requires Windows Media Player 6.0 or later.

Products on homeland security from NTIS The Homeland Security Information Center: An invaluable resource for scientific and technical information from the U.S. Government, especially in health & medicine, food & agriculture, biological & chemical warfare, preparedness & response, and safety training.

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Nanotechnology SearchNanotechnology:
Search NTIS and its collection of over 700 publications on the emerging field of nanotechnology
Information on Use of Imagery GuidebookThe Use of Imagery in Transportation Planning: A New Guidebook that puts remote sensing and GIS technologies to work for transportation planners