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"The Federal Government needs new talent, new energy, and new creativity to do the work of the 21st century."
Kay Coles James, Director, OPM

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The Federal Job Search and Application Form
    Employment Fact Sheet 25 - a 3-step process for finding and applying for a job.

How Federal Jobs Are Filled
    Employment Fact Sheet 55 -- Information on the process followed by competitive service agencies to find good candidates and select a new employee.

Federal Job Scams - Consumer Alert!
    Employment Fact Sheet 48 -- Federal job information is provided at no charge on USAJOBS and other government web sites. There are some companies that do not provide the services they promise.

Qualification Requirements for Federal Jobs -
    Employment Fact Sheet 27 -- Information on education and experience requirements, the "civil service" test, and an explanation of well qualified.

Summer Employment
    Employment Fact Sheet 19 - How to find and apply for a summer job.

Electronic Employment Forms
    Electronic versions of standard, optional, and OPM forms that are used in the employment process and during your employment. There are also links to agency web sites for their forms.


Federal Classification System
    An electronic reading room with information on both white collar and blue collar Federal occupations. You will find a brief description of the occupations, classification standards, Federal Wage System job grading standards, information on filing a classification appeal and more.

Job Sharing / Part-Time Work
    The key to achieving family-friendly workplaces in the Federal Government is to make full utilization of all the personnel flexibilities and resources available. As an employer, the Federal Government has long recognized the value of part-time employment. Legislation encouraging part-time employment for Federal employees has been in place since 1978.

Pay Information

Senior Executive Service
    Information on the management program for the men and women charged with leading the continuing transformation of our federal government

Working for America
    Article on Federal employment.


Family Friendly Workplace
    The Office of Work/Life Programs (OWLP) develops and issues policy and guidance and technical assistance for Federal agencies administering programs that deal with work/life and wellness issues that enable Federal employees to balance both their work and family responsibilities.

Federal Leave Policy
    Includes fact sheets on Federal leave programs

Interagency Telework / Telecommuting Site
    Guidance from the General Services Administration and U.S. Office of Personnel Management on the telework initiative.

"I remain committed to tearing down the remaining barriers to equality that Americans with disabilities face today." President George W. Bush, White House July 26, 2001

Disability Job Page
    Job information and other resources for American with Disabilities.

Federal Employment of People with Disabilities
    Information on disability initiatives, hiring authorities, and more.

People with Disabilities ,
    An Employment Information Fact Sheet. Includes information on special hiring authorities

The Work Site
    Across America, employers are looking for new workers, and Americans with disabilities are looking for jobs. Social Security's site will help.

"American citizens of Hispanic ancestry still remain the only underrepresented minority group in the federal government." - OPM Director

Hispanic Employment Initiative, Fact Sheet on Federal Employment
    Creating a Government That Looks Like America

Hispanic Initiative Program, U.S. Office of Personnel Management

"When our new veterans return home from their tours of duty, they deserve to be greeted with doors open wide in welcome at the employment offices of federal agencies and throughout America. Veterans' Preference is one very tangible way that we can show our gratitude as a nation to those now serving - and to the 25 million living veterans in whose footsteps they follow in selfless sacrifice." OPM Director

Job Rights of Federal Employees who Enter the Uniformed Service
    An Employment Information Fact Sheet.

Special Appointing Authorities for Veterans - Veterans Readjustment Appointment
    An Employment Information Fact Sheet.

Veteran's Employment Opportunities Act of 1998, as amended
    An Employment Information Fact Sheet.

Veterans' Preference
    An Employment Information Fact Sheet.

The Veterans' Employment and Training Service (VETS) partners with America's Career Network to help transitioning service members and veterans find career building jobs in the civilian economy by funding training programs for veterans, identifying licensing and certification requirements, protecting employment and reemployment job rights and enforcing barriers to employment.

UMET (Use Your Military Experience & Training) -- Information on obtaining civilian licenses & certification as well as employer information.

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