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AltaVista Search Engine 3.0

Set Your

You can customize AltaVista to meet your needs.

  1. Select preference options provided on this page.
  2. Click the Set Preferences button at the bottom of this page.
  3. Either bookmark the resulting page or set it as your default home page.
  4. Access your bookmark or home page to search using your options.

If you want to change your selections, just redo steps 1 through 3.

Interface Language and Encoding

You can view the query and help pages in a language of your choice. For most languages, there is more than one possible encoding. Pick the one which matches the setting on your browser. To find the encoding setting of your browser, please refer to your browser's help.

Arabic: ISO-8859-6 Windows-1256
Chinese: BIG5 GB
Croatian: ISO-8859-2 Windows-1250
Czech: ISO-8859-2 Windows-1250
Danish: ISO-8859-1 Windows-1252
Dutch: ISO-8859-1 Windows-1252
English: ISO-8859-1 Windows-1252
Estonian: ISO-8859-4 Windows-1257
Finnish: ISO-8859-1 Windows-1252
French: ISO-8859-1 Windows-1252
German: ISO-8859-1 Windows-1252
Greek: ISO-8859-7 Windows-1253
Hebrew: ISO-8859-8 Windows-1255
Hungarian: ISO-8859-2 Windows-1250
Icelandic: ISO-8859-1 Windows-1252
Italian: ISO-8859-1 Windows-1252
Japanese: SJIS EUCJP
Korean: KSC
Latvian: ISO-8859-4 Windows-1257
Lithuanian: ISO-8859-4 Windows-1257
Norwegian: ISO-8859-1 Windows-1252
Polish: ISO-8859-2 Windows-1250
Portuguese: ISO-8859-1 Windows-1252
Romanian: ISO-8859-2 Windows-1250
Russian: ISO-8859-5 Windows-1251 KOI8-R
Slovak: ISO-8859-2 Windows-1250
Slovenian: ISO-8859-2 Windows-1250
Spanish: ISO-8859-1 Windows-1252
Swedish: ISO-8859-1 Windows-1252
Turkish: ISO-8859-9 Windows-1254

Text Only

Choose the text-only version of this site if you use an older or text-based browser.

Use graphics
Use text only

Advanced Search

If you would like the Advanced (Boolean) search page to be displayed by default, you can choose so here. Be sure to check the help page for instructions.


Query Languages

Tell AltaVista to search for pages published in the following language(s). If you specify different languages on individual search pages, those selections will override these.

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