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publication coverImagine! Introducing Your Child to the Arts
Published by the National Endowment for the Arts, 2004. This reprint of the 1997 NEA publication revises and updates the previous edition's material on introducing children to the arts. Made for parents, the publication includes activities and suggestions in literature, dance, music, theater, visual arts, folk arts, and media arts aimed specifically at children ages 3-8 years old.  Includes pull-out guide of arts activities. 68 pp.
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publication coverLearning Through the Arts: A Guide to the National Endowment for the Arts and Arts Education
Published by the National Endowment for the Arts, 2002. A guide to the NEA's Arts Learning initiatives includes brief descriptions of our arts learning grants, partnerships, and programs; a thumbnail history of the Endowment's involvement in arts education research; a section on successful projects and programs that the NEA has supported; and a list of arts learning partners and organizations. Altogether, the publication demonstrates the Endowment's continued commitment to arts learning for children and youth. 44 pp.
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publication coverCreativity and Youth: Enriching Young Lives Through The Arts
Published by the National Endowment for the Arts, 2002. Provides highlights of the NEA's Positive Alternatives for Youth program from 2000-2002. Sixteen projects throughout the country are profiled, providing a glimpse of the program's success in bringing a range of professional artists and cultural resources to youth in underserved communities through after-school, weekend, and summer activities. 20 pp.
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publication coverThe Art in Peacemaking: A Guide to Integrating Conflict Resolution Education Into Youth Arts Programs
This 2002 publication is the result of a four-year collaboration between the Arts Endowment and The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. Designed to strengthen arts programs directed to underserved youth, the initiative provided training in conflict resolution skills to the artists, staff, administrators, and young people participating in these programs. The National Center for Conflict Resolution Education developed and provided the training. This publication provides background on the partnership and the rationale behind blending the arts with conflict resolution. It details the nature of conflict and provides arts based activities and ideas for integrating the conflict resolution principles into all types of arts programs. The resources section includes a bibliography and descriptions of how participating programs incorporated conflict resolution principles into their daily activities. 78 pp.
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publication coverHow the Arts Can Enhance After-School Programs
Published by the Arts Endowment in partnership with the U.S. Department of Education, 2002. Focuses on the role of the arts in after-school activities in neighborhood schools. Summaries of recent research, key elements of successful programs, and highlights of effective partnerships between schools and community-based organizations are also provided. 24 pp.
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publication coverArts Programs for Juvenile Offenders in Detention and Corrections: A Guide to Promising Practices
This 2002 monograph was produced as the final product of a two-year federal collaborative project between the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention and the Arts Endowment. This publication documents the three pilot programs and three enhancement sites in the project, describes the elements of successful arts-in-juvenile justice programs, recounts problem areas such as security concerns and recommends solutions, and includes survey findings of 26 national arts-in-juvenile justice programs with a summary report. 40 pp.
Publication is available by contacting the author, Grady Hillman, at 512-467-8382, or at $5.00 for shipping.

publication coverCritical Links: Learning in the Arts and Student Academic and Social Development
Published by the Arts Education Partnership with support from the NEA. Details the relationship between learning in dance, drama, music, multiple arts, and visual arts, and the development of fundamental academic and social skills. 160 pp.
Available in a PDF on the AEP Web site ( To order printed copies, contact CCSSO Publications at (202) 336-7016.


Arts Education Assessment Framework - Pre-Publication Edition
(CCSSO, 1994) 115 pages
A framework for developing innovative testing methods to assess artistic capabilities through creativity or performance in the 1996 National Assessment of Educational Progress in the Arts. An integral part of the arts education trilogy, including the Goals 2000 Educate America Act and the National Standards for Arts Education. Developed under a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Getty Center for Education in the Arts.

Frank Philips
Council of Chief State School Officers
1 Massaachusetts Avenue NW #700
Washington, DC 20001

Intersections: Community Arts and Education Collaborations
(Craig Dreeszen, Arts Extension Service, 1992) 46 pages
The report of a national study commissioned by the NEA. It examines and documents what contributes to, and what blocks, successful community and school partnerships on behalf of arts in education. It describes strategic steps in the development of partnerships, fundamental supporting systems, predictable problems, and specific trends and challenges of developing and sustaining arts in education partnerships.

Arts Extension Service
Division of Continuing Education
602 Goodell Building
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA 01003
$10.00 plus $4.25 handing/shipping

National Standards for Arts Education
(Consortium of National Arts Education Associations, 1994) Full Report: 133 pages/Summary Statement: 8 pages
A statement of what every young American should know and be able to do in four arts disciplines - dance, music, theater, and the visual arts. The Standards" scope is grades K-12, and they speak to both content and achievement.

MENC Publications Sales
1806 Robert Fulton Drive
Reston, VA 22091
ISBN: 1-56545-036-1
MENC Stock #: 1605
Price: $15.00 plus $3.00 shipping/handling

Schools, Communities, and the Arts: A Research Compendium
(Morrison Public Policy Institute at Arizona State University, 1995) 172 pages
A comprehensive review of current research on the implementation of quality arts programs in schools throughout the United States. Articles for the publication, written by a wide range of arts educators and researchers, support the view that the arts are valuable to a complete education while identifying areas where more work needs to be done to make the case for increased arts presence in schools. Available in PDF.

The Arts and Education: Partners in Achieving Our National Education Goals
(Collaborative Effort, 1995)
The product of a series of three meetings, known as the Goals 2000 Arts Education Acting Planning Process, convened by the National Endowment for the Arts in partnership with the U.S. Department of Education during the summer and fall of 1994 for representatives of over 100 national arts, arts education, museum, education, higher education, parent organizations, businesses, foundations and government agencies. The goal of the meetings were to develop an action plan to maximize the role of the arts in improving education and helping schools and students achieve the National Education Goals. This action guide reflects the discussions and recommendations of that Goals 2000 Arts Education Action Planning Process.

Goals 2000 Arts Education Partnership
c/o The Council of Chief State School Officers
One Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Suite 700
Washington, D.C. 20001-1431
(202) 326-8693
(202) 408-8076 (FAX)

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