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Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System

Naval Sea Logistics Center Detachment Portsmouth (Site Owner)
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On-Line Training

(1.) CPARS Practice System

(2.) Web based training....coming soon!

Both tools demonstrates the various levels of the CPARS workflow process. They provide helpful hints and basic guidelines for the successful completion of the automated CPAR process.

User Group Seminars

The Naval Sea Logistics Center, Detachment Portsmouth is pleased to present a one-day training seminar on the use of the Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS). CPARS is an excellent tool for documenting contractor performance and is used throughout the Navy, Air Force, Defense Logistics Agency and several other Defense Agencies! Benefits of the program include facilitating government-contractor communication, motivating improved contractor performance, and preparing contractor report cards to be used in support of Government source selections!

Whether you are new to CPARS or are looking to expand your knowledge of the program, the CPARS Training Seminar offers an exceptional learning opportunity. Topics to be covered include CPARS policy, workflow process, automation, new features, and helpful hints for using the system. Both Government and Industry personnel are strongly encouraged to attend. NSLC is pleased to offer this training opportunity on a quarterly basis throughout the United States. Please see the links below for our current offerings.

Location, Dates and Cost of User Group Training
Dates Cost
Fairfax, VA (COMPLETED) 21, 22 July 2004 No Cost. Travel only.
Ogden, UT (Hill AFB) 19, 20, 21 October 2004 No Cost. Travel only.

Training Materials
Some of the tools are in PDF format. Use this link if you do not already have Adobe Acrobat Reader.
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Name of Training Tool and it's description
Tool Description
CPAR Brochure Trifold pamplet (PDF) describing the CPAR system.
Seminar Documents Documents used at CPARS Training Seminars


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