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MPIN and Government Business Point of Contact Mandatory in CCR

October 6, 2004

The Marketing Partner ID Number (MPIN), the Government Business Point of Contact (POC), and the Alternate Government Business POC are now mandatory for all CCR registrations.

Marketing Partner ID (MPIN) is a personal code that allows you to access other Government applications such as the Past Performance Information Retrieval System (PPIRS), FedBizOpps, FedTeDS, Orca, and grants.gov. The MPIN acts as your password in these other systems, and you should guard it as such. The MPIN must have 9 digits containing at least one alpha character (can be entered in upper or lower case) and one number (no spaces or special characters permitted).

If you currently have an active registration in CCR all you need to do in order to create an MPIN is to:

  • Access your registration by clicking on "Update or Renew Registration using TPIN" on the left menu - remember to have your TPIN ready.
  • Enter your DUNS number and TPIN.
  • Once you are in your registration, click on the tab named "Points of Contact".
  • Scroll down to Government Business POC and fill out all the fields.
  • Scroll down to Alternate Government Business POC and fill in all the fields.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the Points of Contact page and enter an MPIN.
  • Be sure to click the Validate/Save Data button when you have entered all of your information.
  • Your registration will take approximately 24 hours to update.

If you are not registered in CCR and need an MPIN, please view our CCR Handbook for instructions on what is needed for registration and details on how to register.