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    You may search the DOJ websites by entering a word or words in the box above. Following are examples of more specific searches, including using the Boolean operators and, or, and not.

    Search Examples:

  • "attorney general"
    Use quotation marks to search for an exact phrase.

  • "clean water act" and briefs

  • Only files that contain both the phrase "clean water act" and the word briefs will be retrieved.

  • "domestic violence" or "violence against women"
    Use or to search for either phrase.
  • assets and not foreign
    This search will retrieve files that contain the word assets, but exclude any that contain the word foreign.
  • disab* and stadium
    An asterisk matches any group of characters;
    disab* will retrieve disabled, disability, and disabilities.
  • internet <near/5> fraud
    Use the near command to search for terms within a specific proximity to each other. This example will retrieve files that contain internet within 5 words of fraud.
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