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Publications, Plans, and Reports
NCRR publications describe research and resource opportunities, highlight scientific advances supported by NCRR funding, and explain NCRR grant programs. These programs fund the research resources that, in turn, can be accessed by NIH-supported investigators nationwide. Detailed information about these resources is provided in three different "resources directories" - bioimedical technologies, clinical research centers and clinical-grade materials, and special animal and animal-related facilities and materials. Other NCRR programs provide funding for an array of research infrastructure-related activities. Send publication requests to or telephone the NCRR Office of Science Policy and Public Liaison at 301-435-0888.
Fact Sheets: NCRR Grant Programs
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    NCRR Reporter
    NCRR Highlights 2000 - 2001
    NCRR Brochure
    Arrow BulletLinking Research to Healthy Living - A new publication supporting the use of nonhuman primates in lifesaving biomedical research.
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    2004-2008 Strategic Plan: Challenges and Critical Choices [PDF]
    NIH Chimpanzee Management Program Plan - June 2001
    ReportsBack to Top
    Research Facilities Improvement Program Workshop Presentations - July 2004
    General Clinical Research Centers (GCRC) Update - Presented by Dr. Anthony Hayward, Director, Division for Clinical Research Resources, during the plenary session of the National Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL - April 2004.
    Research Facilities Improvement Program Workshop Presentations - July 2003
    Fourth Annual Comparative Medicine Resource Directors Meeting - November 2002
    Data and Collaboratories in the Biomedical Research Community - September 2002
    Rhesus Monkey Demands in Biomedical Research To explore alternatives to rhesus macaques in biomedical research, NCRR and OAR convened a panel of investigators who utilize other nonhuman primate species in their research - April 2002.
    Bioinformatics Workshop Summary - March 2002
    First Annual Institutional Development Award (IDeA) Program Meeting Summary - October 2001
    Report of the NIH Working Group on Construction of Research Facilities to the Advisory Committee of the Director, NIH. The Working Group, chaired by Dr. William R. Brody, president of Johns Hopkins University, (1) examines the adequacy of current funding mechanisms for enhancing the infrastructure of research facilities in the biomedical sciences, and (2) proposes Federal action that might bolster needed construction and renovation of such facilities at a variety of institutions - July 2001.
    Third Annual Comparative Medicine Resource Directors Meeting - June 2001
    Recommendations for Future Efforts in Primate Genomics - June 2001
    Recommendations to General Clinical Research Centers (GCRCs) for Patient Safety in Clinical Research - This guidance document is the product of a committee formed from the GCRC Program Directors Association. This committee initially focused on the new requirements and then expanded the scope of its review in the interest of research subject safety - May 2001.
    Computational Cell Biology - Challenges and Opportunities for an Emerging Field - March 2001
    Islet Cell Resource Grantsmanship Workshop - February 2001
    Colony Records Analysis Workshop (CRAW-I) - January 2001
    Institutional Development Award (IDeA) Technical Assistance Workshop Summary - October 2000
    NCRR Biomedical Collaboratories Workshop Report - October 2000
    Institutional Development Award (IDeA) Technical Assistance Workshop Summary - October 2000
    NCRR Institutional Development Award (IDeA) Program Workshop - July 2000
  • Summary
  • Presentations
  • Research Facilities Improvement Program Workshop Summary - July 2000
    Report of the Bioinformatics Working Group of the National Advisory Research Resources Council - June 2000
    Cost Analysis and Rate Setting Manual for Animal Research Facilities - May 2000
    In Vivo Microscopy: Technologies and Applications – A workshop for small animal imaging - March 1999
    Evaluation of the NIH Shared Instrumentation Grant (SIG) Program: Reports From Users - June 1996


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