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Other Sources of Past Performance Information

DOD maintains separate specialized databases for Architect and Engineering past performance and Construction Contractor past performance.

Architect-Engineer Contract Administration Support System (ACASS)

ACASS is a database of selected information on Architect-Engineering firms. ACASS provides required information for DOD and Federal Government selection committees to aid them in their process of awarding A-E contracts. It is maintained by the Portland, OR office of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. It contains detailed SF254 firm data, DOD awards, and past performance evaluations for the last six years of Architect and Engineering services contracts. For more information on ACASS, go to

Construction Contractor Appraisal Support System (CCASS)

CCASS is an automated database of performance evaluations on construction contractors. CCASS provides past performance information for DOD and Federal Government contracting officers to aid them in their process of evaluating construction contractors past performance. CCASS is a tool to track the performance of construction contractors throughout the DOD and Federal Government. It is maintained by the Portland, OR office of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. For more information on CCASS, go to

Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS)

CPARS is used by the Navy, USMC, Air Force, DLA and other defense agencies.

CPARS is a web-enabled application that collects and manages the library of automated CPARs. CPARS is for UNCLASSIFIED use only. Classified information is not to be entered into this system. A CPAR assesses a contractor`s performance and provides a record, both positive and negative, on a given contract during a specific period of time. Each assessment is based on objective facts and supported by program and contract management data, such as cost performance reports, customer comments, quality reviews, technical interchange meetings, financial solvency assessments, construction/production management reviews, contractor operations reviews, functional performance evaluations, and earned contract incentives.

Past Performance Information Management System (PPIMS)

The Past Performance Information Management System (PPIMS) is the Army's central repository for the collection and utilization of Army-wide contractor Past Performance Information (PPI). Available to authorized Government personnel, PPIMS is used to support both the Contracting Performance Review process and future award decisions. PPIMS is also used to by Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) to collect DISA contractor's past performance information.

Other Government Agencies

Contractor Performance System (CPS)

In production since December 1996.

Multiple Agency, Shared File System: all authorized users have access to the completed evaluations of all subscribing agencies.

Designed, developed, and implemented by the NIH Center for Information Technology (CIT) under the guidance and sponsorship of the Office of Contracts Management, Office of the Director, NIH.

Supports acquisition activities in all fifty states and over 100 foreign countries. Contains evaluations from the following Federal Departments/Agencies: Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Agriculture, Department of Treasury, Department of Commerce, Department of Justice, Department of Energy, Department of Interior, Department of Labor, Department of Veterans Affairs, Social Security Administration, Agency for International Development, Environmental Protection Agency, Federal Emergency Management Agency, General Services Administration, Department of Transportation, Department of Education, Department of State, Export-Import Bank and the Architect of the Capital.

Supports evaluations on Research and Development, ADP, A&E, Construction, and Service and Supply contracts. NIH CPS Construction Form approved by CAAC for use by CPS subscribers in lieu of the SF 1420.


National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Past Performance Data Base (PPDB)

NASA has also developed a past performance database to track contractor's performance on NASA contracts. Currently there is no web site with information on NASA's system but for more information, contact NASA Headquarters at (202) 358-1279.

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