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The Defense Technical Information Center
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Job Announcements

Job Opportunity Announcements (JOA) are posted as soon as they are "open" for application. Qualification requirements, application procedures, etc., are included with each job announcement.

Career Opportunities

Positions at DTIC® offer a diversity of experience and potential for advancement and career development. All DTIC positions are in the competitive Federal civil service. Procedures for applying for Federal employment are included with each job announcement. For more detailed information, contact the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) at (478) 757-3000 or visit their web site:

Types of Positions Available
The following are the major functional groups and primary occupational series offered at DTIC:

  • Management Analysis: Management Analysts develop, analyze, evaluate, advise on, and improve the effectiveness of work methods, concepts, and procedures concerning policy and plans involved in the management process. Many assignments are such that existing guidelines cannot be applied and, therefore, must be developed by the incumbent.

  • Program Analysis: Program Analysts administer and perform analytical and evaluative work related to the development and/or execution phases of operating programs and project control. Develop statistical indicators and perform periodic review of projects providing recommendations for respective advisory groups. The work involves the application of management principles and techniques to complex technical data related to information systems requirements.

  • Computer Operations: The work involves operating and problem-solving for large-scale systems in a multiprocessing/multiprogramming environment and involves complex and distinct mode workload requirements. Work with and assist programmers, analysts, and communications specialists in operating and testing teleprocessing batch applications. Aids software specialists in operating and testing teleprocessing systems changes/enhancements. Analyze equipment failures and workload requirements.

  • Information Technology Specialist: Information technology refers to systems and services used in the automated acquisition, storage, manipulation, management, movement, control, display, switching, interchange, transmission, assurance, or reception of information. Information technology includes computers, network components, peripheral equipment, software, firmware, services, and related sources. The primary Information Technology specialties include, but are not limited to: Policy and Planning, Security, Systems Analysis, Applications Software, Operating Systems, Network Services, Data Management, Internet, Systems Administration, and Customer Support.

  • Librarian: This series includes positions involving work that requires specialized knowledge to perform a variety of duties involved in the acquisition, maintenance, and circulation of scientific and technical information. A knowledge of computer hardware and software is essential. Applies a professional knowledge of library and information science in the preparation of cataloging entries, acquisition of reference sources, acquisition of materials, and application of library procedures.

  • Technical Information Specialist: Technical Information Specialists are primarily concerned with the direction, administration, development, coordination, and performance of work involved in processing and transmitting scientific, technical, or other specialized information. Requires a broad knowledge of one or more professional, scientific, or technical disciplines or fields of interest to understand the significance and relationship of the concepts and ideas contained in the information area and a practical knowledge of documentation or library techniques.

  • General Physical Sciences: DTIC has a requirement for physical scientists skilled in analyzing the content of scientific and technical literature. The work primarily involves the formulation and control of specialized vocabularies in the fields of chemistry, physics, electronics, and mathematics for computer-aided information indexing and retrieval. Employees maintain a current knowledge in physical science research through attendance at conferences, symposia, and seminars and by contacts with experts and researchers in the field of physical science.
Gray Line

October 2004


DTIC may not be able to respond to inquiries not appropriate to its mission.

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