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EPLS - Excluded Parties List System
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Inquiries regarding excluded parties should be directed to the agency contacts noted below. Contacts are given in alphabetical order by agency abbreviations.
Agency Name Phone Comments
ACDASally M. Monroe(703) 235-3288
ACTIONDonna Darlington(202) 606-5150
AFKathy R. Tennessee(703) 588-0158
AIDKimberly Triplett(202) 712-5160
ARCRobert Decker(202) 884-7747
ARMYGregory Campbell(703) 696-1556
CCRBetty Edmiston(202) 376-8105
CNSNorman Franklin(202) 606-5000
CPSCRobert Frost(301) 504-0444
DHSEllen Murray(202) 205-8650
DHS-FEMANancy Costello(202) 646-3118
DLACynthia Gaitley / DPAC-G(808) 477-1225
DLANormand V. Lussier(703) 767-5032
DLATom Bowman / DRMS(269) 961-5989(Code J)
DLAVicki Moore/DRMS-G(269) 961-5996(Code J)
DOCDenied Persons List(202) 482-4255Bureau of Industry and Security, Office of Enforcement Analysis
DOCEntity List(202) 482-3298Bureau of Industry and Security, Office of Exporter Services
DOCJames Maruca(202) 482-1472
DOCRobert Kugelman(202) 482-4299
DODBill Carr/ASD(FMP)MPP(703) 697-8444
DODStephen Slavsky/OUSD(AT&T;)DP/CPA(703) 697-8335
DOECindy Yee(202) 287-1666
DOIDelia Emmerich(202) 208-3348
DOJAnn D. Hudson(202) 616-3759
DOJChristine Rodriguez(301) 809-4903
DOLTimothy Helm(202) 693-0574(C, C1, D, G, and L)
DOTLadd Hakes(202) 366-4268
DOTRita Williams(202) 366-9956
DTRADavid G. Freeman(703) 325-1183
EDRich Galloway(202) 708-8266(Codes A, A1, B, N, N1, and O)
EDRonell Holloman(202) 245-6145(Codes P, Q, R, S, and X)
EEOCKenneth Janiak(202) 663-4222
EPASuzanne Hersh(202) 564-5374
EXIMKTamzen C. Reitan(202) 566-8111
FCAMike Inlow(703) 883-4149
FCCSonny Babers(202) 634-6624
FECLarry D. McCoy(202) 219-3570
FLRAJudy Mullen(202) 482-6690 ext 433
FMCSEileen Hoffman(202) 606-5444
FTCJean D. Sefchick(202) 326-2258
GAOKenneth Schutt(202) 512-6094
GPOAnthony Valentine(202) 512-0376
GSARaywood Holmes(202) 219-4301
HHSDiane Osterhus(202) 690-5729
HHSJoann Francis(410) 786-0404(Codes Z, Z1)
HHSOn-line verifications @ http://oig.hhs.gov
HUDMomolu Cooper(866) 784-0492
IMLSTeresa LaHaie(202) 606-8637
NARAMike Zeleny(301) 713-6755 ext 227(A, A1, B, N, N1, and O)
NARANancy Copp(202) 501-5603(P, Q, R, S, and X)
NASADavid Forbes(202) 358-2051
NASATom Baugh(202) 358-1169
Willard D. Blalock(202) 685-7000
NEADonna M. DiRicco(202) 682-5403
NEHDavid Wallace(202) 606-8494(Codes P, Q, R, S, and X)
NIRMADenise Webster(301) 227-4143
NLRBAngela F. Crawford(202) 273-4040
NRCMary Lynn Scott(301) 415-6179
NSFJean Feldman(703) 306-1243
OMBFred Chapperton(202) 606-2240
OPICMichael W. Swearingen(202) 336-8553
OPMJuan Smith(202) 606-1743
PCPaul Allman(202) 606-3513
PSSusan Witt(202) 268-4833
RRBDonald C. Augustyn(312) 751-4987
SBAMartin Teckler(202) 205-6642
STATELloyd W. Pratsch(703) 516-1680(Codes A, A1, B, R and S)
TDACam Trowbridge(703) 875-4357
TREASEileen McGlinn(202) 622-6585
TREAS-OFACPlease visit the listed website for guidancehttp://www.treas.gov/offices/eotffc/ofac/faq/one_page.html
USDAJoseph Daragan(202) 720-5729(Codes A, A1, B, N, N1, and O)
USDAPeter Laub(202) 720-1554(Codes P, Q, R, S, and X)
USDATyson Whitney(202) 720-8978(Codes P, Q, R, S, and X)
USIAGeorgia Hubert(202) 205-9662
USITCLois Waterhouse(202) 205-2732
VAAnn DeSena(202) 273-7375
VAFrank Trotta(202) 273-6245
VASheila Wilkes(202) 273-8830

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