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Metabolic Engineering Working Group

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Second Grantees Conference Presentations : : Metabolic Engineering Working Group Home

Metabolic Engineering Working Group

First Grantees Conference

May 31, 2000

Table of Contents


Cover Letter

Metabolic Engineering Working Group Members


Metabolic Engineering



Purpose of Workshop

The Scope of the 1998 Interagency Announcement

1998 Interagency Metabolic Engineering Grants

Abstracts of Expert Presentations

Panel Discussion

Conclusions and Discussions of the Panel Discussion

Agenda & Presentation Links

Welcoming and Opening Remarks

FRED HEINEKEN, Chair, Metabolic Engineering Working Group

Engineering Plant C1 Metabolismation

ANDREW HANSON, University of Florida

Carbohydrate Engineering for Generating Sialyated Glycoprotiens in Insect Cells

MICHAEL BETENBAUGH, Johns Hopkins University

Metabolic Designs to Maximize Ethanol Production from Lignocellulose

LONNIE INGRAM, University of Florida

Metabolic Engineering of Methylobacterium extorquens AM1 for Conversion of Methanol to Higher Value Added Products

MARY LIDSTROM, University of Washington

Strategies for Metabolic Engineering of Environmental Organisms: Application to Degradation of Organophosphate Contaminants

JAY KEASLING, University of California Berkeley

Progress Report Grant BES 98-14092

BERNARD PALSSON, University of California - San Diego

Measuring & Modeling Cellular Metabolic & Regulatory Networks

GEORGE CHURCH, Harvard University

Predicting Physico-Chemical Properties of Gene Products

MICHAEL GILSON, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Numerics and Modeling Philosophies

LESLIE LOEW, University of Connecticut Health Center

Agency Activities in Metabolic Engineering

Department of Agriculture

National Institute of Standards and Technology

Department of Defense

Department of Energy

Environmental Protection Agency

National Institutes of Health

National Science Foundation

Workshop Participants

Second Grantees Conference Presentations : : Metabolic Engineering Working Group Home