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Strategic Planning
The Library is committed to playing a meaningful role in helping to find creative solutions to the challenge of digital preservation. The Library is well aware that this challenge will require a very different approach from that used with physical assets, where the Library is the world's largest repository of knowledge and creativity. The magnitude of the content preservation effort and the complexity of the issues related to technology and rights management will clearly require a more collaborative approach in the digital realm.

The Library of Congress has taken significant steps in planning a strategy for digital preservation in cooperation with other federal agencies as well as the library, creative, publishing, technology, and copyright communities in the United States and abroad. In early 2001, the Library established the National Digital Strategy Advisory Board to help guide it through the planning process. At the end of the same year, the Library hosted a series of convening sessions aimed at gathering together over 140 experts to discuss digital preservation and rights management issues. In February and April of 2002, two smaller groups gathered to plan several plausible scenarios related to the digital landscape of the future.

Planning will continue as the Library must develop the partnerships and cooperative relationships that will be required to continue fulfilling its vital historic mission to "sustain and preserve a universal collection of knowledge and creativity for future generations".

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NDIIPP Makes Awards of $15 Million to 8 Institutions Press release

The National Strategy Advisory Board convened on June 28, 2004, in Washington, D.C. Presentations in Powerpoint, as well as a Webcast, are now available.

Digital Preservation Program Launches Research Grants Initiative
Library of Congress Partners with National Science Foundation. Click here to read more.

Library of Congress Announces Joint Digital Preservation Project With Four Universities
Library to Work with Old Dominion, Johns Hopkins, Stanford and Harvard Universities. Click here to read more.

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There's a new section on this Web site, called News & Events. Here you will find a newsletter, a list of relevant links and a calendar of events for upcoming conferences, meetings, workshops and symposia related to digital libraries.

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