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PPIRS - Statistical Reporting (SR) Pilot Program

In July 2002, the Past Performance Information Retrieval System (PPIRS) became the single, authorized application providing past performance reports to the entire Federal acquisition community as a part of the President's e-Government Integrated Acquisition Environment (IAE) initiative. Furthering this initiative, the PPIRS Program is ready to begin a Pilot Program that expands the functionality of the current PPIRS program. The new function, PPIRS-Statistical Reporting (PPIRS-SR), will collect contractor performance quality and delivery date on contracts under the threshold established in the existing PPIRS report card function.

PPIRS-SR is a web source selection tool. The objective of PPIR-SR is to collect quantifiable delivery and quality information from existing systems and use that data to classify each supplier's performance by Federal Supply Class or Service (FSC). Contractors will be assigned a color that depicts their past performance for quality and receive a numeric indicator that represents their on-time delivery performance. Source selection officials will consider this information during the contract award process.

Four activities have been selected to participate in the Pilot Program: FISC Annex Puget Sound (Navy), Warner Robbins Air Force Base, Rock Island Arsenal (Army), and Defense Supply Center in Richmond (DLA). These sites were chosen based on their prior involvement in the development process of the PPIRS-SR module.

Contractors will be notified of all contracts that will be utilizing the PPIRS-SR application. Contractors are granted access to PPIRS-SR to view their current and pending classifications, using the same user id and password to access PPIRS. Pending classifications, will be held in a review status for 30 days to allow for contractor review. The application allows contactors to challenge any quality/delivery performance record.

Please see the User Manual for an explanation on use of the system.
Please read the Deployment Letter for further information.

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