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patternState WebsitesHere are the state websites listed alphabetically by state. Find yours!
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Government Sites
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Item Alabama Archives Web Page for Kids - This fun site you can learn about important people of Alabama, what are the state emblems, and Alabama governors.
Item Alaska - Gene Conservation Laboratory Kid's Page - This web page is about fish, fish and the State of Alaska. In this page you will find pictures of Alaskan kids catching all kinds of fish. You will read fishy stories, including the salmon story. Take a look at the wealth of a state such as Alaska with diverse fishery resources, and think about the role that biodiversity can play to help sustain those resources for our future.
Item Alaska Kids - This site has great information on how to stay safe, how to stay healthy, and help with homework in the student guide.
Item Arizona - ADEQ for Kids! Online - Arizona's Department of Environmental Quality helps you take care of the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the land we live on.
Item Arizona - SOS for Kids - Secretary of State's Office welcomes you to the Arizona Secretary of State's Web Site. Just click on the links on this page to learn about Arizona.
Item Arizona's Kids Page - Arizona is full of history, natural wonders, and wildlife. Governor Jane Hull would like to show you some state facts, Arizona pictures, and a coloring book you can download.
Item Arkansas Kids - Arkansas has great things for kids to do from roller coasters to campsites. There are fun museums and attractions for kids, plus great places to swim, fish, hike and explore caves. Explore many exciting things to do in Arkansas and help plan your family's next vacation!
Item California - Aqua Smart - This website from the Department of Boating and Waterways shows the importance of being safe in and on the water. There's even a Safe and Wise Waterways Poster Contest.
Item California - Energy Quest TM - Energy Quest TM is the California Energy Commission's energy and environmental education site for students, parents and teachers.
Item California - Your Idea Becomes A Law - Do you have some good ideas for ways to make California a better place? In California anyone of any age may suggest an idea for a new state Law. Maybe your ideas could make good state laws. Play this game, from the California State Assembly, to design your own bill and watch it become law.
Item California Kids Korner - These pages lead to different links for the state of California.
Item Colorado's Kids Page - This page was developed with the elementary student in mind by responding to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ's) we have received. This site can provide you with as many sites as possible to assist with doing school class assignments and projects.
Item Connecticut - ConneCT Kids - Learn about the history, state symbols, and government of Connecticut.
Item Delaware's Kids Page - Here you can find all kinds of things to do, places to visit and stuff to learn.
Item District of Columbia - Kids' Capital - Washington DC is a special place. Have fun and learn while you discover DC and its history
Item Florida - Department of Environmental Protection Kids Page - Are you ready for an adventure into the wet and wild world of Florida's natural environment? Learn fun facts and play activities on this website from the DEP.
Item Florida - Kids - Learn about Miami Dade County, get homework help, learn about nature and the sea, play fun games and more.
Item Florida - Splash! Water Resources Education - The Southwest Florida Water Management District offers Splash! to help students learn how to protect of our precious water resource.
Item Florida Kids - This site has pages on museums, Florida folklife, archaeology, history, and more.
Item Hawaii's Division of Forestry and Wildlife's Fun Stuff - The Division of Forestry and Wildlife manages Hawaii's public lands, preserves the quality of the drinking water and protects unique examples of Hawaiian ecosystems. You can print out pages to color and learn how to help protect the forests.
Item Idaho Kids Book - Discover the Undiscovered America IDAHO; A Tour of the State of Idaho Kid Book. Everything you wanted to know about Idaho is right at your finger tips.
Item Illinois Kid Zone - Not only can you get info on Illinois, you can also find out about the environment and fire safety.
Item Indiana - Little Hoosiers' Kids Page - What is a Hoosier? Find out the answer to this question and much more from Indiana's State Information Center.
Item Indiana - Office of Water Quality Just For Kids Page - Learn what you can do to help the environment by doing fun water experiments, reading fast facts, learning about the water cycle and much more.
Item Iowa Kids Page - This website is for kids. Kids at school, and kids at play, will find links to do funtastic stuff here.
Item Kansas - Lawrence Waste Reduction and Recycling Kids Page - This is a great page from Lawrence, Kansas. It has an online animated book, a concentration game, and doing a house walk-thru.
Item Kansas State Historical Society for Kids - Things. Incredible stuff from the museum Kansas Kaleidoscope. A magazine for kids Youth Volunteers.
Item Louisiana - Just for Students - This site is great for historical and cultural information on this state.
Item Maine's Kid's Page - This is the place to come and learn about Maine. You will find this site helpful and fun. Click on mascots Mozzie Moose and Loretta Lobster to learn more.
Item Maryland's Kids Page - This site has everything you wanted to know about Maryland, including famous people from Maryland, places to visit and census information.
Item Massachusetts - American Centuries - Explore American history with this collection of historic artifacts and documents from New England.
Item Massachusetts - Raid on Deerfield: The Many Stories of 1704 - On February 29, 1704, the sun rose on a chaotic scene in the English settlement of Deerfield, Massachusetts. This website presents five different perspectives on this one event: Wobanikiak, Wendat, Kanienkahaka, French and English.
Item Massachusetts - Secretary of the Commonwealth's Kids Zone - Find out the state facts, such as the state symbols and statistics.
Item Michigan - MI Kids - Learn stuff about Michigan, like history and state symbols and much more.
Item Michigan Kidz Korner - Find out fun information about the county fairs, farm life, and other agricultural facts.
Item Minnesota Student Page - Need homework help on the state of Minnesota? How about learning about the state government? You can even learn how to make money! Click to find out more.
Item Missouri's Kids Page - This page has fun facts, games, and you find out what Ironton is.
Item Montana is for Kids! - Find out fun things to see and do, about Montana's past, and about Lewis and Clark!
Item Nebrask@ Online - Read interesting facts about Nebraska: state symbols, famous Nebraskans, and frequently asked questions.
Item Nebraska's website for Kids - Learn about Nebraska's legislature, fun facts, and history about this great state.
Item Nevada Kids Page - The Nevada Kids Page courtesy of the Nevada State Library and Archives. This site provides links to Nevada facts along with some fun and interesting projects.
Item New Hampshire Senate Page for Kids - Wanna know some interesting facts about New Hampshire? What is the seal, the flag, and the emblem? Click this link to find out more.
Item New Jersey Hang Out - This site has great info like Kids Brain Food, It's Your World, and All About You.
Item New Mexico - Fast Facts - Here are some quick facts on the great state of New Mexico.
Item New York State for Kids - I Love NY - Here's where you'll find fun activities and facts about New York State. Some activities include postcards and a coloring book.
Item North Carolina - Department of Agriculture's Kids World - This site from the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has great information on nutrition, food safety and general agriculture.
Item North Carolina's Kids Page - This site has fun facts, state toast, and homework help - all about North Carolina.
Item North Dakota's Kid Zone - Read about great things in the state of North Dakota, like the state symbol, the state hymn, places to visit and famous North Dakotans!.
Item Oregon Blue Book Kids Home Page - Do you know what Oregon's state animal is? Have you toured it's state capital? You can find out these things and more.
Item South Dakota's Home Page for Kids - This page includes some interesting and fun information about South Dakota. Like famous citizens, historical events, and notorious legends.
Item Texas - Fort Worth Environmental Management Department Kids Page - Click an meet Captain Crud. He is here to challenge you to help your parents get the crud out of your house and take it to the Environmental Collection Center.
Item Texas SenateKids - This page invites all you rip- roaring readers to play games, explore the Texas Capitol, and learn all about the Texas state government.
Item Utah Kids Page - This web page is a great place to learn more about Utah, its past, present, and future! This information is great for kids of all ages.
Item Vermont Kids Home Page - What are the sea monsters of Vermont? What are Vermont's first facts? Click here to find out.
Item Virginia - Kids Commonwealth - Here you will find information about Virginia's Commonwealth, government and Governor. You'll also learn about Virginia's economy, political processes, notable places and people not to mention a game or two that will make your fact-finding fun! You'll also find links to lots of other interesting sites, plus cool facts in history and new vocabulary, too.
Item Washington State - All About Washington State - Just about everything you want to know about Washington State can be found here. From Geography to Population and Government to Politics. Excellent resource for home and classroom projects.
Item West Virginia Kids' Page - Click here to find out fun facts on the great state of West Virginia. There's a fun quiz, famous people, and state symbols to read about.
Item Wisconsin - Environmental Education for Kids (EEK!) - This electronic magazine is from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Surf around and learn more about the great outdoors, environmental issues and cool careers.
Item Wisconsin Agency Pages for Kids - Want to learn more about the state of Wisconsin? Follow these links to various pages with games, trivia and other cool stuff.
Item Wyoming Kids Page - Wanna learn all about Wyoming? How about some fun stuff and great puzzles? Click here to learn more.
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