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"Are you taking full advantage of the Government resources available to you?"

About This Site

Welcome to— the government catalog that provides the scientist, engineer, and technologist with easy, one-stop access to key U.S. Government web resources. Thousands of web sites are being reviewed to select just those sites that will provide valuable links to government expertise, services, laboratories, information centers, and other important resources.

When you search this site, you are not searching millions of web pages. Rather, you are searching a database catalog containing descriptions of just those government web sites that are key entry points to government science and technology resources.

The know-how and technologies created from the U.S. Government's muti-billion dollar ongoing R&D effort constitutes a national resource. Businesses and organizations need to be able to easily tap into this science and technology. For this reason, this web site was created by the National Technical Information Service (NTIS) as part of its mission. The web site continues the work carried out by NTIS' Center for the Utilization of Federal Technology (CUFT) in the 1980's and 90's when CUFT published the Directory of Federal Laboratory and Technology Resources.

What you will find  top of page

  • Computer software
  • Expertise
  • Federal laboratories
  • Information centers
  • Inventions for licensing
  • Online databases
  • Sources of images and photographs
  • Sources of publications, reports, and data
  • Technology transfer opportunities
  • Information for the science-aware citizen

What we do not focus on  top of page

  • Research administration
  • General research and development overviews and general descriptions
  • Funding opportunities

Web site selection  top of page
Editors carefully review and select government web sites that offer scientific, engineering, or technology-related expertise, information, resources, or services. Unique codes are added to tag appropriate subject topics and areas of interest.

Contributing organizations and, a companion web site  top of page
This web site is being developed in conjunction with the web site and is partially funded by FirstGov, a government partnership working to accelerate the growth of a secure seamless, electronic government. is a project of CENDI, an interagency working group of senior Scientific and Technical Information Managers from ten major programs in nine U.S. federal Agencies. CENDI has coordinated an alliance of government agencies developing the new web site. NTIS, as a CENDI member, is working with the science alliance to integrate information from the web site into the site.

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