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Metabolic Engineering Working Group

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Project Inventory
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  5th Announcement


Fifth Interagency
Announcement of Opportunities in Metabolic Engineering

NSF 03-516

Principal Investigator Project Title Award Duration Award Amount Funding Sources
Natalia Doudareva, David Rhodes (Purdue University)


Eran Pichersky (University of Michigan)

Metabolic Engineering of Floral Scent
3 Year Continuing


3 Year Continuing




NSF Metabolic Biochemistry

NSF Metabolic Biochemistry
NSF Bioengineering

Jay Keasling (University of California-Berkeley) Biosensors for Metabolic Engineering 3 Year Continuing $491,345 NIH
E. Terry Papoutsakis (Northwestern University)


Genomic and Genetic Approaches to Solvent Tolerance in Anaerobes
3 Year Continuing $166,665
NSF Bioengineering
Ramon Gonzalez, Jacqueline Shanks (Iowa State University)


Ka-Yiu San (Rice University)

Metabolic Engineering of E.coli Sugar-Utilization Regulatory Systems for the  Consumption of Plant Biomass Sugars 3 Year Continuing


3 Year Continuing




NSF Bioengineering


William Bentley, Yoshifumi Hashimoto (University of Maryland-College Park) RNA Interference as a Metabolic Engineering Tool: Potential for in vivo Control of Insect and Insect Cell-Based Systems
3 Year Continuing $540,750 NIH
Susan Roberts, Elsbeth Walker  (University of Massachusetts-Amherst) Molecular Approaches to Understanding Global Regulation in Paclitaxel Accumulation
3 Year Continuing $725,949 NIH
Wilfred Chen (University of California-Riverside), Thomas Wood (University of Connecticut)


Metabolic Engineering of Root-Colonizing Bacteria for Rhizoremediation of Chlorinated Ethanes and Heavy Metals 3 Year Continuing $753,847 NSF Bioengineering
Greg Stephanopoulos (MIT) Metabolic Engineering of Photosynthetic Bacteria for Enhanced Carbon Fixation 3 Year Continuing $505,000 NSF Bioengineering
John Frost (Michigan State University) Microbial Synthesis of 1,2,4-Butanetriol 3 Year Continuing $200,000
NSF Chemistry
Mattheos Koffas (SUNY-Buffalo) Metabolic Engineering of Anthocyanin Production in Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Escherichia coli 2 Year Standard Exploratory $100,000 NSF Bioengineering
10 Awards

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