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Amendment to a Previous Combined Solicitation Template

The AMDCSS template is used for the publication of amendments or corrections to a previously announced (posted) combined synopsis/solicitation action. Documents cannot be uploaded to a combined synopsis/solicitation.

Month and day synopsis is submitted. Insert four digits for this term, two digits for the month and two digits for the day.
Year synopsis is submitted. Insert two digits for the year
<CBAC> *
User ID for the Office, Agency, or Location. Assigned by FBO System Administrator
Up to 9 characters
Password. Assigned by FBO System Administrator
Up to 20 characters
The Contracting Office's zip code
5 Digits
Either one alphabetic code or a two-digit code for service or supply that the synopsis should be listed under.
Valid classification code (FAR, Section 5.207(g))
<NAICS>* Six-digit code for service or supply that the synopsis would be listed under Valid NAICS code
The complete address of the contracting office
Up to 250 characters
The classification code, two hyphens, and a brief title description of the synopsis.
Up to 250 characters
Existing reference number for the solicitation
Up to 50 characters
The deadline for the receipt of the responses.
The date when status of solicitation will be changed to
Default - 30 days after response date. If no response date is indicated, an archive date must be selected.
The names and phone numbers of officials to contact in regard to the synopsis. If there are two points of contact, their information shall be separated by semicolon.
Up to 300 characters
The narrative description of the procurement action
Up to 24,000 characters
The group tag; no data required
The Government Agency's URL that will be listed in the background (invisible to the user)
Up to 250 characters, consist of a restricted set of characters (see URL specification - RFC 2396)
Visible hypertext description provided to the user for
linking to the related site
Up to 100 characters
The group tag; no data required
The Government Agency contact's email address which
will be listed in the background
Up to 100 characters
Visible hypertext description provided for linking to the
Government Agency contact's email
Up to 100 characters
Identify set-aside acquisitions
Valid values are:
"Total HBCU",
"Total Small Business",
"Total Small Disadvantage Business",
"Total HUB-Zone",
"Total Women-owned Business",
"Partial HBCU",
"Partial Small Business",
"Partial Small Disadvantage Business",
"Partial HUB-Zone",
"Partial Women-owned Business",
"8a Competitive",
"Very Small Business",
"Veteran-Owned Small Business",
"Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned".
Place of Performance address
Up to 250 characters
Place of Performance postal code
Up to 10 characters
Place of Performance country
Up to 25 characters


  1. All red tags represent required data.
  2. * denotes validated data.
  3. <LINK>, <URL>, and <DESC> are a group data and should be provided or omitted together.
  4. <EMAIL>, <ADDRESS>, and <DESC> are a group data and should be provided or omitted together.
  5. <POPADDRESS>, <POPZIP>, and <POPCOUNTRY> are group data and should be provided or omitted together.


<DATE> 0721
<YEAR> 99
<CBAC> demo
<ZIP> 22030
<OFFADD> Office of Environmental Studies; 1323 Y Street, Washington, DC 22030
<RESPDATE> 091399
<ARCHDATE> 10131999
<CONTACT> Mary Ann Deal, Contract Specialist, 301-443-5329; Contracting Officer - Beatrice L. Woods, 301-443-0043
<DESC> The Center for Mental Health Services is soliciting proposals on a full and open competitive basis from qualified organizations to award a 3 year contract to develop and disseminate new knowledge about effective approaches to providing comprehensive community-based services to persons with serious mental illnesses who are homeless. The priority audience to benefit form these activities are program grantees receiving demonstration or formula grants who must have access to state-of-the-art knowledge about services to homeless persons with mental illnesses. The offeror must be knowledgeable and have a track record of accomplishments in providing technical assistance at the State and local service delivery level related to homelessness and serious mental illness, including study methodology, service delivery, program administration, and application of results. The successful offeror must be knowledgeable concerning the clinical characteristics of the population, individual and organizational services providers who deliver traditional or innovative services, published and unpublished researchers who are contributing to the scientific literature on the population and services, and the consumer movement as it relates to homelessness.
<DESC> Center for Mental Health
<DESC> Center forMental Health
<SETASIDE> Total Small Disadvantage Business
<POPADDRESS> Office of Environmental Studies, 1323 Y Street, Washington, DC
<POPZIP> 22030