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About Us
About Us >
EEO & Civil Rights at ARS

This site describes the Civil Rights and Equal Employment Opportunity policies and practices which guide the United States Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service (ARS) in carrying out its mission, and provides examples of some of our activities in this important area. 

Administration links to the USDA Civil Rights Home Page, to USDA Civil Rights Directives, and to key Civil Rights laws and Executive Orders.

Civil Rights Listing links to ARS Civil Rights Staff and Area Civil Rights Managers

Civil Rights Training provides required Civil Rights training for ARS employees.

Counseling provides information about EEO counseling services and EEO complaint process.

Disability links to the ARS Disability Awarness Newsletter (DAN) and other disability information.

Diversity links to a Calendar of Events and the ARS HQ Diversity Day Celebration

Hands On Experience links to job announcements, listings and job application information.

Highlights lists examples of the kinds of Civil Rights and Equal Opportunity accomplishments that are integral parts of ARS activities.

Mission and Programs provides a brochure in .PDF format describing the mission, charge, and programs within the Office of Civil Rights and Equal Opportunity.

Outreach links to ARS programs which explore scientific careers.

Partnerships links to information on mutually beneficial scientific interactions between ARS and partners from under represented groups.

Policies presents the written Civil Rights policy commitments of the leadership of ARS.

Resources links to a variety of Civil Rights and Equal Opportunity information reference sources.

Special Observance Calendars links to Civil Rights and Cultural Heritage special observance information, facts, and biographical reference.

Website Feedback provides a form with which to send comments or suggestions about the website to the Civil Rights Staff.

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