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Federal Labor Relations Authority
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If you want to perform a general search, enter terms that would be included in the document in the box below. For information useful in narrowing searches, you may want to print out this list of Search Tips for using this search engine.

You can obtain a specific FLRA case if you know the citation by entering the volume and page number in the search box, with the letters v and p - for example, volume 23, page 59 would be v23 p59.  You can also search using the the FLRA No., for example, 59 FLRA No. 19. 

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The document location description ( id) will retrieve the document as it is stored, which may be HTML or PDF (portable document format). You can tell by the end of the document description, which will be either .html or .pdf.
If the document is in pdf format, you will need the free Adobe Acrobat reader to view the document. 
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