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Health and Human Services Privacy Committee
Committed to protecting privacy in collection and use of personally-
identifiable information


Healthcare Informatics

Secretary Announces New HIT Framework
Strategic report outlines health information infrastructure

Assessing the Quality of Health Information on the Internet
A Compendium of Selected Public Health Data Sources
Consumer Health Informatics and Patient Decisionmaking:
Current Activities of Selected Healthcare Informatics Standards
   Organizations, 1997
Federal Health Care Informatics Standards Activities, 1999
Healthcare Informatics Standards Activities for Federal Agencies
   (A Compendium), 1996
Information Technology and Children's Health Care
Medical Informatics for Better and Safer Health Care
Quality of Health Information on the Internet—Enabling Consumers
   To Tell Fact from Fraud
State and Regional Demonstrations in Health Information
   Technology: Transforming Healthcare Quality Through Health
   Information Technology (THQIT): Fact Sheet
Three Decades of Research on Computer Applications in Health
   Care: Medical Informatics Support at AHRQ
Using Computers to Advance Health Care
What Physician Executives Need to Know about HIPAA

Conferences and Meetings

Health Information Technology: Expert Panel Meeting
Institutional Review Boards and Health Services Research Data
   Privacy: A Workshop Summary
Medical Informatics and Health Services Research: Bridging
   the Gap
Moving Toward International Standards in Primary Care Information:
   Clinical Vocabulary: Conference Summary
Partnerships for Networked Consumer Health Information

Evidence Reports

Telemedicine for the Medicare Population
   Clinical Focus
Telemedicine for the Medicare Population: Pediatric, Obstetric,
    and Clinician-Indirect Home Interventions
   Clinical Focus

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