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1. Xerox Office Fax Machines

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Xerox Fax machines are also multifunction systems that can print, copy, scan and fax at speeds from 6 - 20 pages per minute and allows for greater productivity – and less space – all in one device.


2. Tiger Advantage Tactile Graphics and Braille Embosser

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For the first time, braille can be easily printed along with graphics, while maintaining document formatting. With a capacity for printing up to 50 inches long and 17 inches wide, the implications for educational and professional use are astoundin


3. A.D.A. Friendly Video Production

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A.D.A. Friendly Video Production is either turn-key or phasic addressing all Video Production elements Production to insure the cumulative integrity of the Production, inclusive of A.D.A. accessibility via Captioning and Descriptive Narration.


4. A.D.A. Communication Access Consultation

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Consultation addressing A.D.A. accessibility via: Live Broadcast Captioning, Live Internet Captioning, Simultaneous Broadcast and Internet Captioning, C.A.R.T., TextStreaming (remote, secure Internet C.A.R.T.), Descriptive Narration and A.D.A. Frie


5. Captioning:Live Broadcast, Live Internet, Simultaneous Live Broadcast & Internet and OffLine (Video)

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Captioning, the RealTime text display of speech is provided for Live Broadcasts, Live Internet WebCasts, Live Simultaneous Live Broadcast and Webcast Programs and for Videos.


6. C.A.R.T.: On-Site C.A.R.T.; Internet TextStreaming (remote C.A.R.T.)

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C.A.R.T. (Communication Access RealTime Technology) is the RealTime text display of speech used in non- broadcasted events such as meetings, conferences and training. TextStreaming is the remote provision of C.A.R.T. displayed via a secure Web Site


7. Descriptive Narration

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Descriptive Narration is the use of speech in an audio or video format to make all content of written materials or alll content and actions within visual materials accessible and comprehendable by Persons who are Blind or Vision Impaired.


8. All-Inclusive Live and Archived Webcast Package

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ConnectLive specializes in providing turn-key package for government customers: live and archived webcasts (video and/or audio) from ConnectLive camera crews, your video tapes, or satellite broadcasts.


9. All-Inclusive Package for Webcasting Video Tapes

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Send ConnectLive your video tape, and they will caption it and place it online for webcast viewing. ConnectLive offers an all-inclusive package and has been providing these services for more than 5 years.


10. All-Inclusive Webcast Package for Satellite Broadcasts

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ConnectLive downlinks your satellite broadcast and webcasts it live on the internet with captioning. The broadcast is also archived online for repeat viewing.


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