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Access CCR Data

CCR Extracts

Authorized government officials can integrate CCR data into their procurement or financial systems. This integration would provide officials access to all of the vendor data (public, propriety and EFT information) stored in CCR including daily updates. Use the Contact CCR Form to request details and cost.

Visit this page for more information on CCR Extracts.

XML Transactions

Authorized government officials can access CCR data via real time transaction by using the CCRXML product. A Non Disclosure Agreement needs to be signed for this product. Please send an email to "" if you are interested in using CCRXML. Please do not use CCRXML as your primary method for accessing CCR data.

Visit this page for more information on XML Transactions.

CCR Tools

CCR has developed a program that provides read-only access to authorized government officials via the internet. Users of this tools will have access to all vendor data including EFT data.

Visit this page for additional information on CCR Tools.


CCR data, both public and proprietary (includes TIN) is now available on CD. The public information can be purchased monthly or on a yearly susbscription. The proprietary information, available only to authorized government officials, can be purchased on a quarterly or yearly subscription. EFT information is not available on CD-ROM.

Visit this page for additional information on this CD-ROM.