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Information on Federal Agency Registration

Please note: This site is for Federal Agency Registration Officials (AROs) only. If you represent a commercial company and are trying to register on CCR, please return to the home page and click on "Start New Registration".

Registering in the BPN Federal Agency Registration (FedReg):
OMB Memorandum M-03-01 requires all Government agencies that engage in buying or selling goods/services to other federal agencies to register in the Federal Agency Registration database (FedReg). At a minimum, this registration must be at the major component level. Registration at the major component level will assist agencies in identifying intragovernmental transactions below the Department level. In the near future, the registration data will be used to route intragovernmental transactions electronically through the Intragovernmental Transaction Portal (IGTP), currently being tested, and to facilitate automated settlement through Treasury's IPAC System.

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Registering in CCR:
Until all intragovernmental transactions are routed through IGTE, some agencies may be required to register in the CCR as well. This may include agencies that receive payment via an electronic funds transfer (EFT) or whose trading partner (e.g., DoD, NASA) requires a CAGE code be submitted.

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In the future, these two systems will be integrated to provide a single registration for government users. However, in the short term, government offices need to determine in which system(s) they need to be registered, and proceed accordingly.