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Submitting Items to DTIC's TR Database

The Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC®) facilitates information exchange throughout the Defense establishment to support our nation's warfighters. DTIC ensures that technological innovations will continue to advance the military, and the nation as a whole, through the 21st century by maintaining an active collection program to acquire scientific, technical, and analytical information generated by the DoD community. DTIC encourages everyone in the Defense community to participate in the program by submitting all appropriate materials for inclusion in our Technical Reports (TR) database.

The information provided below is designed to inform contributors about DTIC's TR database.

Who submits information to DTIC?

DTIC contributors include DoD organizations and contractors working under DoD contract as well as universities, non-profit organizations participating in scientific and technological activities for DoD, foreign governments, US Government agencies and their contractors.

Source Codes: DTIC assigns a six-digit source code which identifies and describes the contributor of documents to the Technical Reports database. This information includes the contributor's corporate name, subname, and address. For more information or to update your source code data, please call DTIC's Information Support Branch at (703) 767-9023 or DSN 427-9023.

Why submit documents to DTIC?

Submitting technical reports to DTIC:

  • Saves your agency and the taxpayer money

DTIC serves as DoD's system for secondary dissemination of technical reports. Documents submitted will always be available through DTIC - storage in DTIC is permanent. Your agency may publish information in other media, such as on an agency Web site or through academic journals. However, neither can promise to always be available. Access to these technical reports through DTIC is assured for as long as there is a DTIC. DFARS as well as service regulations require that researchers search DTIC's databases before undertaking DoD-funded research.

Submitting documents to DTIC reduces your agency's expenditures for information management including costs of storage, printing, distribution of copies, maintaining access to documents on Web sites, and staffing of customer requests for documents.

Technical reports in DTIC are easier to search and find -- both for your staff and for your customers -- because of our centralized database and the single search process used.

  • Protects for national security

Documents submitted to DTIC must be marked for classification and any distribution limitations. DTIC's registration process and security protections ensure that your documents get into the right hands, and only the right hands. DTIC ensures that documents are distributed only in accordance with distribution markings you provide, and manages the system for handling exceptions (the Form 55).

  • Is required by regulation and strongly encouraged by DoD

DFARS 235.010 and 252.235-7011 contain language requiring the submission of technical reports to DTIC.

Governing Directive: DoD Directive 3200.12, DoD Scientific and Technical Information Program assigns DoD components responsibility for ensuring that DTIC is provided with all pertinent material resulting from Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation (RDT&E;) programs. It also outlines their responsibilities when participating in the DoD Scientific and Technical Information (STI) activities.

Each of the military services has specific regulations for submitting documents to DTIC.

  • Meets the FOIA requirement to have a public reading room
  • Meets the requirements under the Anti-Deficiency Act to provide Publicly Releasable documents to the National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

  • Reduces the burden on your legal or security staff in two ways:

    • DTIC maintains a tracking and audit trail for limited and classified
    • DTIC filters requests for release of documents to a registrant whose registration permissions do not authorize release of certain limited documents (Form 55 requests), so the agency has to respond to far fewer FOIA requests and requests from DoD customers.


For additional information about any of the above information, please contact the Technical Reports Team:

Program Manager
(703) 767-8040
DSN: 427-8040
1-800-CAL-DTIC menu option 4, 1, 2

Please send comments to the Acquisition staff at AQ@dtic.mil for assistance with technical reports-related matters.

DTIC also maintains other databases:

Research Summaries: For information, contact:
(703) 767-8031, DSN 427-8031.

Independent Research and Development (IR&D): For additional information, contact: (703) 767-9039, DSN 427-9039.

Defense Technology Transfer Information System (DTTIS): For information, contact: (703) 767-9039, DSN 427-9039.

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DTIC may not be able to respond to inquiries not appropriate to its mission.

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