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SESTAT Publications

SESTAT Detailed Statistical Tables (PDF format / XLS format where available) for Survey Years:
1993 1995 1997 1999

Reference Materials for SESTAT

SESTAT: A Tool for studying Scientists and Engineers in the United States (NSF 99-337)
Statistical Reports on the Science and Engineering (S&E) Work Force

Reports on the Doctoral Scientists and Engineers in the U.S.

Reports on the Recent S&E College Graduates in the U.S.

NSF Reports on the S&E Workforce in the U.S.

Science and Engineering Indicators 2004, Chapter 3

Science and Engineering Indicators 2002, Chapter 3

Women, Minorities, and Persons with Disabilities in Science and Engineering, Chapter 5.

Science and Engineering State Profiles.

Science and Technology Pocket Data Book.

Short Reports on the General S&E Workforce in U.S.

How Large is the U.S. S&E Workforce (NSF 02-325)

Doubling Up: A Profile of U.S. Scientists and Engineers Who Hold Second Jobs (NSF 01-332)

How Large is the Gap in Salaries of Male and Female Engineers? (NSF-99-352)

SESTAT and NIOEM: Two Federal Databases Provide Complementary Information on the S&T Labor Force (NSF 99-349)

Counting the S&E Workforce -- Its not that Easy (NSF 99-344)

How Much Does the U.S. Rely on Immigrant Engineers? (NSF 99-327)

Degrees and Occupations in Engineering: How Much Do They Diverge? (NSF 99-318)

Employment of Scientists and Engineers Reaches 3.2 Million in 1995 (NSF 98-325)

Women and Underrepresented Minority Sceintists and Engineers Have Lower Levels of Employment in Business and Industry NSF (96-331)

More than 10.3 Million U.S. Residents Have Science or Engineering Degrees (NSF 95-340)

Nonacademic Scientists and Engineers: Trends from the 1980 and 1990 Census, (NSF 95-306)


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