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Structuring Health Insurance Markets: Protecting Consumers and Promoting Competition
Testimony on Medicare Coverage Decisions

Agency Press Releases

7/7/03 Study Links Higher Physician Supply to Limits on Non-Economic Damages

Research Findings

Research Activities, March 2004:
Researchers find SCHIP and Medicaid networks compete for physicians in some markets

Research Activities, February 2004:
Hospital mergers, not consolidation of local hospitals into systems, result in cost savings

Research Activities, January 2004:
Following an urban hospital closure, remaining hospitals operate more efficiently due to high admissions

Research Activities, October 2003:
Publishing hospital mortality rates does not necessarily affect market share of poor performing hospitals

Research Activities, June 2003:
Variations in hospitalization rates for nursing home residents may be due to facility and market characteristics

Research Activities, April 2003:
Local preferences and factors other than market structure influence county differences in hospice use
More people receive oral surgery from a general dentist than an oral surgeon, especially low-income and minority individuals

Research Activities, January 2003:
Adding CAHPS® data to standard enrollment materials does not affect health plan choice among new Medicaid enrollees

Research Activities, October 2002:
Managed care's reliance on supply-side control of services does not necessarily eliminate least valued treatment

Research Activities, July 2002:
People vary in what they look for when choosing a health plan
Researchers examine impact of managed care on the U.S. health care system, local health care markets, and specialty care

Research Activities, May 2002:
Merging hospitals in the early 1990s focused mainly on reducing nursing hours and less on converting to new service areas

Research Activities, January 2002:
HMO market penetration does not account for poorer financial performance of public compared with private hospitals
Local market conditions may inhibit the development and growth of physician organizations

Research Activities, December 2001:
Medicare fee-for-service patients seem to fare better in areas of higher HMO market penetration

Research Activities, October 2001:
Hospital CEOs' views of health care competition influence their choice of physician-organization integration strategies

Research Activities, August 2001:
Proposed antitrust exemption for physicians may alter the balance of power between doctors and health plans

Research Activities, July 2001:
Hospital mergers may save less than anticipated

Research Activities, June 2001:
Increased HMO market penetration and local access to primary care doctors can reduce hospital admissions among children

Research Activities, May 2001:
Market pressures prompt children's hospitals to develop new relationships with doctors and other health care organizations
Critical pathways reduce postoperative hospital stays no more than local market forces

Research Activities, February 2001:
Hospitals in health systems with unified ownership or in centralized networks do better financially than others

Research Activities, June 2000:
Researchers find that complex gastrointestinal procedures are not just for specialists anymore

Research Activities, January 2000:
Strategic hospital alliances have yet to add financial value to individual member hospitals

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