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The purpose of the BINCS website is to assist in the identification of companies that are doing business with the U.S. government. The data reflected in these lists is intended for informational purposes only. Although every effort is made to maintain the accuracy of the data contained herein, there is always the possibility of out-of-date data. If there is any doubt concerning the authenticity or accuracy of the data presented, please contact our office for confirmation or additional instructions.


The DEBARRED status code is assigned to contractors that have been (1) proposed for debarment action, (2) suspended, (3) debarred or (4) are otherwise ineligible for receipt of government contracts. In all four cases, the contractor is considered to be ineligible for Federal Procurement Programs. Although this data is similar to the GSA List of Parties Excluded from Federal Procurement and Non-Procurement Programs, it is not a duplication of effort. The CAGE Code system identifies only those contractors excluded from Federal Procurement programs. Additionally, this debarred information is not sponsored by GSA.

The data is intended to be an informative reference only and should not be used to support a final decision about a procurement action. The GSA List of Excluded Parties lists ineligible parties by treatment codes which dictate the effect of a particular code upon that party's participation in particular federal programs, including procurement programs. You should check the GSA (GSA Debarred Bidders List) to discern the appropriate treatment of any contractor identified as being on that list. If there are any questions concerning the authenticity or accuracy of the CAGE Debarred information, please contact the POCs below.

It should also be noted that CAGE Codes with the format of 6 in the first position, followed by two (2) alphas (e.g. 6AA12) are not permanently assigned codes and shall not be used for any type of logistical function other than the temporary identification of a Debarred Contractor. The code will be eliminated when the debarment action has been terminated and will then be re-used to identify a different debarment action. Questions relating to the actual debarment action shall be directed to GSA (GSA Debarred Bidders List).

For additional information and/or assistance, please contact the Customer Service Office at :
DSN: 661-4725
Commercial/FTS: (269) 961-4725
Toll Free: 1-888-227-2423
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