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NASA's Observatorium -- Spaceflight

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"Houston, Tranquility Base here..." "...one small step..." "Shuttle is go for launch..." In this section we see how NASA programs for humans in space will increase our knowledge of nature's processes and enrich our lives here on Earth.

Above and Beyond New
A whole new look at the space shuttle and the spacesuit.

International Space Station
A look at the future International Space Station.

Mad Ham Trivia (Non-Shockwave version)
The same fascinating information about the beginning of space exploration, but without the interactive edge!

Space Traveler's Handbook


How to Become an Astronaut

International Space Station

RLV (X-33)

Space Shuttle

Space Station Mir


The Observatorium: A cooperative project among NASA's LTP, BDM International, and WVU.
Credits: The Observatorium team

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