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Comprehensive Conservation Plan

After two years of development, the final CCP for A.R.M. Loxahatchee NWR was approved in September 2000.

In the past, many National Wildlife Refuges developed a "Master Plan" or "Comprehensive Management Plan" to plan for the future. But since 1997, with passage of the National Wildlife Refuge System Improvement Act by Congress, all National Wildlife Refuges must develop similarly-styled Comprehensive Conservation Plans (CCP) to guide management of refuges for 15 year periods. The Improvement Act also armed refuge managers with powerful tools to ensure that refuge management actions and public uses are appropriate and compatible with both the purposes for which the refuge was established and the mission of the National Wildlife Refuge System. The Improvement Act also directed refuges to place the following "big six" uses above all others as long as they are appropriate and compatible: environmental education, interpretation, hunting, fishing, wildlife observation, and nature photography. The overriding consideration reflected in the proposed plan as mandated by the Improvement Act, however, is that fish and wildlife conservation has first priority in refuge management. Loxahatchee's CCP addresses opportunities in the "big six" and provides reasons why other considered uses will not be permitted. Loxahatchee's (and in fact all) CCP's are designed to:

  • provide a clear statement regarding the future management of the refuge
  • provide refuge neighbors, visitors, the public, and government officials with an understanding of the Service's management actions on and around the refuge
  • ensure that the refuge's management actions are consistent with the mandates of the National Wildlife Refuge System
  • provide long-term guidance and continuity for refuge management
  • provide a basis for the development of budget requests on the refuge's operational, maintenance, and capital improvement needs.

To discuss the CCP, Improvement Act, or any other issues of concern, please contact the refuge and ask for the Refuge Manager or Deputy Refuge Manager at 561-732-3684.

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