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Members of the Methods Board include representatives from all sectors of the monitoring community. Voting members of the Board include 10 people appointed to 2-year terms and 5 people appointed to 3-year terms.

Board Members

S=state; F=Federal; L=Local; P=Private
 (Highlighted names are voting members)    
Markowitz Abby P - Tetra Tech, Inc. Support - outreach Workgroup
Cherepon Alan S - TNRCC Alternate
Williamson Sandy F - US Geological Survey WQDE Workgroup
Alben Katherine S - NY State Dept. Of Health Delegate, Biology co-chair
Eaton Andy P -MWH Global Delegate, PBS Chair
Ardourel Harold F - US Geological Survey Alternate, Accreditation co-chair
Autry Lara F - US EPA
Malo Bernie P - ASTM International Delegate, NEMI Workgroup
Long Barry F - National Park Service Workgroups
Behymer Thomas F - US EPA Workgroups
Hayes Barbara P - Signature Science Alternate
Boiani James P - CSC NEMI Workgroup
Boorman Gary F - NIEHS Workgroups
Brass Herb F - US EPA Co-Chair Methods Board
Simmons Barton S -CA Dept. of Toxic Substances Control Delegate
Peters Charlie F - US Geological Survey Delegate
Parr Jerry P - Catalyst Accreditation/PBMS workgroups
Ingersoll Chris F - US Geological Survey Biology Workgroup
Patton Charlie F - US Geological Survey Nutrient Workgroup
Annis Clifford P - Merck & Company Delegate, PBS Chair
Cude Curtis S - Oregon DEQ
Bucks Dale F - US Department of Agriculture, ARS Alternate
Butler Daniel S - Oklahoma Conservation Commission
Bottrell David F - DOE
Denig-Chakroff David L - City of Madison, WI Delegate
Hoover Dale P - Axys
Sullivan Dan F - US Geological Survey NEMI Co-Chair, Methods Board Exec. Sec.
Francy Donna F - US Geological Survey Biology Workgroup, Co-chair
Johnson Edward F - NOAA Delegate
McCarron Ellen S - Florida DEP Council member
Santoro Edward S - Delaware River Basin Commission Delegate, Nutrients co-chair
Faulkner Chris F - USEPA
Wilde Franceska F - US Geological Survey
Ekechukwu Geoffrey F - US Fish and Wildlife Service Delegate, Biology Workgroup
Dichter Gil P - IDEXX Laboratories Alternate
Mallard Gail F - US Geological Survey Council Co-Chair
Gomez-Taylor Maria F - US EPA
Patterson Glenn F - US Geological Survey WQDE Workgroup
Griggs John F - USEPA
Hood Wayne S - Arizona DEQ
Ingersoll Bill F - Department of the Navy Accreditation Co-Chair
Jackson Elizabeth F - US EPA
Jackson Cary P - Hach Company NEMI Co-Chair
Stribling Sam P - Tetra Tech, Inc. Support - Biology Workgroup
Griffin Judy F - US Geological Survey Council Exec. Sec.
Diamond Jerry P - Tetra Tech, Inc. Support - Methods Board
Liebreich Jennifer P - APHL Director, Environmental Health Programs
Klein John F - U.S. Geological Survey
Job Chuck F - US Environmental Protection Agency Alternate, WQDE chair
Kreuger Jack S - Maine Health and Environmental testing Lab Alternate
Jones Ron P - Portland State University Nutrient Workgroup Co-chair
Pletl Jim P - HRSD Nutrients/Biology Workgroups
Welch J P - Hach
Belt K F - Forest Service
Kelly Marion F - US EPA
King Jim P - Dyncorp, Inc Support - NEMI workgroup
Keith Larry P - WPI NEMI Workgroup
Astin LeAnne S - Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin Biology and Nutrient Workgroups
Bailey Larry S - NY DEC
Lesnick Barry F - USEPA NEMI Workgroup
Morrissey Len P -ASTM
Craig Maggie P - Tetratech
Blazer Manja P -IDEXX labs
McChesney Dennis F - US Environmental Protection Agency Alternate
Henebry Mike S - IL EPA
Miller Mike S -Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Delegate, biology co-chair
Shockey Merle F - US Geological Survey Alternate
Skopec Mary S - Iowa DNR Workgroups
Carlson Bob P - Kent State University Nutrients/Biology Workgroups
Ward Robert P - Colorado State University
Parris Reenie F - Nat'l. Institute of Stds and Technology
Stewart Roger S - Virginia DEQ WQDE Workgroup
Rice Gene F - US EPA Biology Workgroup
Vitale Rock P - Environmental Standards Inc. PBS Workgroup
Sample Jackie F - Department of Navy Accreditation Workgroup
Segall Robin F - US EPA Air
Fisher R. Stephen S - Kentucky Geological Survey
Sinclair James F - US EPA
Moulton Steve F - US Geological Survey Biology Workgroup
Spooner Charles F - US EPA Council Co-Chair
Posavec Steve American Water Works Association
Streets Elane P - Argonne National Lab Alternate
Vukovich S S - West Virginia DEP
Williams Sherry P - Alternate
Telliard Bill F - USEPA PBMS/NEMI workgroups
Johnson Toni F - US Geological Survey Council Co-Chair
Maloney Tom F - US Geological Survey Accreditation Workgroup
Verwolf Mary F - US Department of Energy Delegate
Vowinkel Eric F - US Geological Survey Co-Chair, Methods Board
Wilson Diane S - Pennsylvania DEP Outreach Workgroup
Wilson Jan P - Unified Sewerage Agency

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