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Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System

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CPARS Software Release Information

CPARS Software Release Information after the September 5, 2001 Release

CPARS September 5, 2001 release.   Top

The current version of CPARS was released on September 5, 2001.  This version implements the following enhancements and fixes to problems:

  • Add Cage lookup for subcontractors on data entry forms
  • Modify the contract status report to permit review of registered contracts
  • Add "to do" list feature to Senior Command Official (CPARB) level
  • Add summary total and Contractor name for any list reports
  • Add DUNS look up feature on data entry forms
  • Change screen color when a report has been clicked on
  • Add "CPAR overdue" to status report
  • Modify block 16 to 100 characters for Program Name, allow sorts
  • Add block for Contracting Office code
  • Add "final CPAR" when applicable
  • Add heading for what colors are on data entry forms; i.e., red-unsatisfactory…
  • Add required date tracking for future processing time metrics
  • Add help to contract registration screens
  • Add Final as a status to the Contract Status Report
  • Add CAGE Code as a qualifier on To-Do List and Status Reports for Senior Contractor (CPAR5) level
  • Add Text Search for Source Selection
  • Add the User's Network Address to the menu screen
  • Keep a log of all sessions
  • Don't allow dashes to be entered in the Contract Number of the CPAR Menu
  • Link Business Sectors/sub-sectors (Block 4b) to the DOD Guide definitions on data entry screens
  • Add "Fuels" to list of Business Sectors for Services/IT/Operations Support form
  • Increase the number of program manager reps in the access matrix from four to ten
  • When entering a completed CPAR by Focal Point, make Reviewing Official fields optional
  • Add warning on data entry screens that changes will be lost when "Return to Main Menu" is selected
  • Fix data entry screens so that the "...exceeded the character limit" message does not repeat
  • Use only one userid for each user with the same role and different focal points
  • Add more "other area" rating sections at the end of the rating sections (from three to five)
  • Change date format from MM/DD/YY to MM/DD/YYYY
  • Change contract award date (Block 8) to contract start date
  • Recommend adding "Total Estimated value" to Block 11 (Awarded dollar value)
  • Remove Source Selection Feedback Option
  • Add a block for country after city, state, zip code for foreign vendors
  • Add a block for the PM/Assessing Official Reps name after contract officer

CPARS March 28, 2001 release.   Top

The following enhancements and fixes to problems were implemented on March 28, 2001:

  • The CPAR Status Report has been modified to provide the following enhancements:
    - Changed the PM status level, from Initiated to Drafted and Added a status level for the PM Rep, Initiated
    - Added CPAR Status Report to the Senior Contractor level
    - Added Contract Number and CPAR Phase to the report qualifiers
    - Added new data fields, dollar value, CPAR Phase to the list report and allow users to select which data fields are included in the report.
    - Added more sort fields to list report
    - On the count report, the Focal Point name is displayed instead of the Userid
  • An option has been added to the Status Reports qualifier screens to allow the reports to be saved as PDF files.
  • A new Contract Status report has been added to the application. The purpose of this report is to show the current CPAR status for each Contract registered in the system for which the user has some responsibility.
  • A To-Do List feature has been added to the Focal Point menu. This feature allows them to list outstanding tasks for all users they have added to the system.
  • A To-Do List feature has been added to the Senior Contractor menu. This feature allows them to list outstanding tasks for all Contractor Representatives for contracts with their CAGE Codes.
  • Users involved in the CPAR data entry process can now receive email notifications for each step in the CPAR process by selecting notification preferences on the user profile screen.
  • Improved access matrix options by adding the ability to transfer access from one user to another and to, modify access by user or contract number.
  • The Reviewing Official fields are now optional for the Focal Point data entry of completed CPARs for which the Contractor concurred with the ratings.
  • A new optional field, NAICS code, has been added to the data entry forms. The NAICS Code will be replacing the SIC Codes that are currently used. During the transition both fields will be available on the data entry forms.
  • After the Initial CPAR has been completed, blocks 15-17 will now be pre-loaded for follow-on CPARS, in addition to the contract information in blocks 1-14.
  • Additional sort options have been added to the Source Selection View CPAR qualifiers screen.
  • Additional sort options have been added to the Senior Contractor View Completed CPARs qualifiers screen.
  • The Contract Registration screen has been modified to allow the user to select the DoD Business Sector and then the Business Subsector.
  • When incomplete CPARs are viewed, the header will contain the current status of the CPAR. 
  • The PM/Assessing Official, Contractor Representative and Reviewing Official dates are now generated by the CPAR system.
  • A new Feedback feature has been added to allow users to provide comments and suggestions.
  • PM/Assessing Officials can now return A CPAR in process to the PM/Assessing Official Representatives prior to completing the rating for a CPAR.
  • PM/Assessing Officials and Focal Points will now receive an email notification when the CPAR is due to begin for a Contract.
  • Contractor Representatives will now receive the transmittal letter via email to notify them that they have an action to respond when a CPAR has been rated by the PM/Assessing Official.
  • The Authorization matrix now has an optional email address for new users. Focal Points can include the email address, if known, when creating users so that They will receive notifications even if they have never logged on.
  • Allow PM/Assessing Official to save the CPAR and finish later during the modification of ratings.
  • Modified the application screen to add color to the menus.

CPARS March 16, 2000 release.   Top

The following enhancements and fixes to problems were implemented on March 16, 2000:

  • Reviewing Official step will now be conditional/optional.  If the Program Manager/Assessing Official and the contractor agree on ratings, the Program Manager may now close the CPAR based on this agreement.  The Reviewing Official is  notified that a CPAR has been completed but he or she does not have to take any additional actions when there is no disagreement on ratings assigned. If an activity or organization chooses not to implement this feature, the program manager may still forward all reports to the Reviewing Official for action. 
  • Electronic e-mail notification has been implemented.  E-mails are automatically generated at the Program Manager Representative, Program Manager, Defense Contractor, and Reviewing Official levels when their required actions are complete. When each CPAR is completed, an e-mail notification is also sent to the Focal Point.

  • A "To Do" list has been added at the Program Manager Representative, Program Manager, Defense Contractor, and Reviewing Official level.  When an individual logs on to the system, he or she can simply check their "To Do" list to see actions that are required.

  • Defense Contractor Senior Management access level has been added.  This will allow corporate-level managers to view all CPARS that pertain to their corporate entity.  The selection filter is based on CAGE code and contractors will only be able to view CPARS for CAGE codes assigned to their corporate entities.

  • The Status Report List of Contracts has been modified to include the Focal Point for each CPAR.

  • The "Save Data and Finish Later" (partial save feature) has been improved to allow saving at almost any point after the contract number and Period of Performance information has been added.  This feature has been incorporated at all levels except initial contract data entry. When information is partially saved, that action remains on the individual's "To Do" list as an incomplete action.

  • Application screens have been redesigned to make the application more intuitive.  Menus and buttons have better descriptions for the actions they perform. 

  • Color ratings assigned to Systems and Ship Repair and Overhaul CPARS have been changed from "Blue" to "Dark Blue" and "Gold" to "Purple" to be consistent with the Common DOD Assessment Rating System.

  • Program Manager Representatives may now "View CPARS" and access the CPAR Status Reports.

CPARS August 17, 1999 release.   Top

The following enhancements and fixes to problems were implemented on August 17, 1999:

  • The Source Selection view function has been enhanced to add more search options including: contract number, business sector/subsector, cage code, DUNs, FSC, SIC, and company name/state.
  • The CPARS Status Report has been enhanced to allow greater flexibility, including two report styles, a Summary Report with Counts and a List of CPARS.  On both report styles options are available to limit the data included on the report.
  • Location of Performance (block 6) has been increased to 300 characters.
  • Changed Contract Type (block 14) Mixed: to Mixed/Other:
  • Added Out of Cycle to Report Type.
  • Added help for the Ratings and Trends in block 18 of the CPARs data entry forms.
  • Added a new access level for Senior Command Official (or Designated Representative), who manages acquisition of major programs, products or services (i.e, Program Executive Officer, Command Directorate Deputy, Direct Reporting Program Manager (DRPM), Field Activity C.O.).  This access level allows Senior Command Officials to view status reports and CPARS pertaining to their program or activity.  This access is controlled by the Command/POC or CPARS Management Board Member.
  • Added Senior Command Official access matrix to SYSCOM/USMC POC or CPARS Management Board Member level.  This allows them to grant Senior Command Official access as discussed above.
  • Added Contract Data Entry to the Focal Point access.
  • Changed the way CPARs saved by the Focal Point are stored in the database so that they are now counted on Status  Report as initiated.

CPARS January 12, 1999 release.   Top

The following enhancements and fixes to problems were implemented on January 12, 1999:
  • CPAR Forms are now viewed as Acrobat PDF files:
    PowerBuilder plugin is no longer used.
    Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view/print forms.
    This resolves scrolling problems with the plugin.
    Macintosh users can now view/print using Acrobat Reader.
  • The following changes have been made to the narrative fields:
    Program Manager and Contractor increased from 8,000 to 16,000 characters each.
    Reviewing Official increased from 2,000 to 16,000 characters.
    Program Manager and Contractor are now separated by ratings in block 18.
    Block 18 headers are automatically printed for narratives.
    Improved the format of narratives on output forms.
  • Contractor organization and code increased to 60 characters.
  • Added registered contracts to the status reports.
  • Added FSC and SIC lookup capability to the data entry screen.
  • Period of performance dates can now be updated.
  • Reviewing Official can now view CPARS.
  • Removed edits from variance fields.
  • Added a new security access level to provide status reports for SYSCOM point of contacts.

CPARS September 22, 1998 release.   Top

The following enhancements and fixes to problems were implemented on September 22, 1998:
  • Added the capability to delete a user via the focal point access matrix.
  • The focal point can now view userids and initial passwords that they have added.
  • Added the Acquisition Program Manager field to the data entry screens.
  • Added a Program Manager feedback screen for statistics.
  • Added the following Source Selection functionality:
    Procuring Contract Officer access
    Source Selection Board access
    View CPARS by Cage Code and/or FSC
    Source Selection feedback screen for statistics
    Logging of all source selection access to CPARS

CPARS July 21, 1998 release.   Top

The following enhancements and fixes to problems were implemented on July 21, 1998:
  • Fixed a problem caused by double quotes in narrative fields. Double quotes are now automatically replaced by single quotes.
  • A problem with the output format of narratives on printed forms has been resolved.
  • The Contract Type CPAF field was being checked erroneously on printed output. This problem has been resolved.
  • We have implemented a 90-day password expiration feature.
  • A CPAR Status Report feature has been added to the menus for the Focal Point, Reviewing Official, Contractor and the Program Manager.
  • The capability to add CPARS for the same contract numbers with different contract order numbers has been added.
  • Allow program manager to view completed CPARs
  • Increased the number of data entry fields for contract numbers on the focal point access matrix from 4 to 10.
  • Added a verification screen to the focal point access matrix process, prior to the generation of the userids.
  • Established a cage code lookup capability to the data entry screens.
  • Focal Points that have CPAR responsibilty for contracts, whose UIC is listed in another Command, can now process those CPARS by notifying the CPARS Help Desk of the requirement.
  • The program manager can now pass a CPAR to the reviewing official if the contractor hasn't responded within 30 days.
  • Added a feature to allow focal points to save the data entered while inputting a completed CPAR and return to complete the CPAR at a later time.
  • CPARS output forms now have a status in the upper left corner of the form to indicate if the CPAR is an "initial rating" or if it is "incomplete".
  • Archived (initial ratings) CPARS can now be viewed and printed.
  • Users performing data entry of a CPAR are notified when the limit is reached on the number of characters in the narrative fields.

CPARS April 1998 release.   Top

  • Baseline - Initial Release



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