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What is accreditation? [Fact Sheet] [White Paper]
Accreditation is the independent assessment of an organization's technical competence and quality system. Tell me more…

Why should my lab become accredited?
To promote uniform competence across laboratories;
-- Uniform standards enhance data sharing and improve decision making;
-- Reduce costs by promoting uniform accreditations. Tell me more…

Who should be accredited?
All federal agencies (and commercial laboratories employed by federal agencies) that perform routine compliance or ambient monitoring. Tell me more…

How does an organization become accredited?
The National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP) is recommended by Advisory Committee on Water Information ( ACWI) as the preferred accreditation body. Tell me more…

When should my organization become accredited?
Each agency or organization should evaluate the cost of implementing this recommendation as it applies to their individual situation. Tell me more…

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Accreditation Fact Sheet

Accreditation White Paper

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