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  Helix Systems

Documentation Overview

Man (manual) pages are the online information/documentation/help on Unix systems. Any man page can be accessed by typing 'man program_name' while logged into helix. They can also be searched and read on the web using the link above.

Online Documentation

A listing of the user guides, FAQs and other documentation available on the web and/or in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format.

Hardcopy Documentation

Print (hardcopy) documentation is available for some Unix tools and scientific applications. All helix users can order them online and have them delivered via campus mail. There is no charge. If you have trouble ordering online, call the NIH Helpdesk at (301) 594-6248 or send email to

Applications and general use
Programmer's Manuals
Other CIT publications

Course/Seminar Notes

Slides/notes for classes and seminars given by the Helix Systems staff.

Also see the New Users section for information about getting accounts, connecting to helix, and policies.



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