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Business and Finance | Defense | Education, Employment and Benefits | Environment and Agriculture | Foreign Affairs | Health, Safety and Consumer Protection | Taxes | Travel

Business and Finance

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Notices on latest published business information for sale from the U.S. government.
Census Update
Biweekly data from Census 2000 and other Census Bureau programs. Demographics, housing, business, poverty, foreign trade, and more! Press Releases.
Monthly updates on "hot" trade issues, new market research reports, export success stories, and the most recent issue of Export America magazine.
Federal Statistics
Official statistical publications for sale, including statistics on agriculture, business, the economy, education, crime, health, income, transportation, and more.
Housing Professional
Notices of updates to mortgagee letters, policy guides and training for FHA Single Family lenders, appraisers, brokers and builders.
Savings Bonds Updates
Occasional e-mails with semiannual interest rate changes, product changes, and other essential news for our customers.
Small Business Advocate
Periodic newsletter detailing economic developments and regulatory trends affecting small businesses. Press releases for the media.
Small Business Research
Timely facts, figures and research results for academics, policy makers, trade associations and investigative reporters.
Small Business Solutions
The latest Small Business Administration news, agency alerts, loan information and program highlights.


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American Forces Press Service
Daily news and information about the Department of Defense.
Defend America
The latest news about the war on terrorism from the U.S. Department of Defense.
Defense and Security
Timely alerts on defense and security information. Publications for sale range from strategic assessment, intelligence and military operations to related laws and policies.
DoD Today
Daily e-mail from the Department of Defense, including the day's top events and links to the newest press releases.
Military History
Alerts on official military history for sale from all branches of the armed forces, including new books, posters, CD-ROMs, and pamphlets.

Education, Employment and Benefits

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Education Information
Two emails a week feature new reports, funding opportunities, teaching and learning resources, and more from the Department of Education.
Elementary and Secondary Education
Notices about new elementary and secondary education publications for sale. Ideal for education professionals.
Employment and Occupations
Announcements on the latest publications for sale, including employer handbooks, employment projections, workplace laws, and career trends.
Social Security eNews
A periodic newsletter packed with news and information from Social Security.
Useful tips and info on education after high school from U.S. government and other sources. Published periodically for students and families.

Environment and Agriculture

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Amber Waves
Online and print publication covering economics of food, farming, natural resources, and rural America.
Informative EPA quarterly highlighting news, policy updates, court cases, technology, events, publications, and more.
Coral Reef News
New List : Coral Reef News New!
Monthly newsletter highlighting current activities, news, and upcoming events related to coral reef conservation.
Marine Protected Areas
Monthly newsletter for scientists, boaters, fishermen and others on science, research, training, management tools and events.
Marine Sanctuary Watch
Quarterly publication on current activities, marine life and management issues in America's 13 national marine sanctuaries.

Foreign Affairs

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Foreign Travel Warnings
Urgent!: Foreign Travel Warnings Urgent!
Notices from the State Department as needed to recommend that Americans avoid travel to certain countries.
International Women's Issues
State Department notices on issues that are important to American women and women throughout the world.
Iraq News
Urgent!: Iraq News Urgent!
Frequent announcements from the State Department with speeches, interviews, press briefings and other documents related to Iraq.
State Department Fact Sheets
Concise, periodic summaries of U.S. policy on current foreign affairs issues.

Health, Safety and Consumer Protection

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Federal Citizen Information Center
Updates 4-6 times a year on consumer issues, tips to help you get the most for your money, and free special offers. Biweekly releases for the media.
Food and Drug News
Newsy tidbits and helpful links about everything from medicines and food-borne illnesses to cosmetics and medical devices.
Health Care
Timely updates on the latest health care publications for sale, including health care tips, statistics and surveys, training guides, and public health reports.
Your guide to reliable health information from the U.S. government and nonprofit organizations. New resources are announced several times a month.
Weekly announcement from the National Library of Medicine on new topics and sites with consumer health information.
Mental Health E-News
Periodic announcements of breaking news and latest information from the National Institute of Mental Health.
Product Safety Recalls
Latest notices on product recalls—everything from toys to tools—from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.
Periodic updates on happenings related to youth violence prevention and highlights of what's new on the National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center.
Women's Health
Reliable women's health information from the federal government. Monthly newsletter features consumer information from the award-winning site.


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Digital Dispatch
National tax news and information about new developments on the IRS Web site.
Employee Plans News
Quarterly newsletter about current developments and upcoming events within the retirement plans community.
Federal, State & Local Govts News
Periodic newsletter with current developments and upcoming events of interest to governments at all levels.
IRS Newswire
Latest news releases, fact sheets and tax-related information from the IRS.
Small Business Tax News
Tax forms, publications, and highlights from the IRS Web site. News releases and special announcements geared to the Small Business community.
Tax Stats
Periodic statistics from federal tax returns filed with IRS covering individuals, businesses, nonprofits, estates and more.
Tax Tips
Concise, easy to understand federal tax information on topics that affect millions of taxpayers. Delivered every weekday during the tax-filing season.


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Travel and Tourism
Notices of new travel publications for sale, including tips for travelers, visitor guides, health information, and more.

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