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FAQs for Telephone Services

Who do I contact when there's "no dial tone" or I need "telephone repair"?
Who do I call when I have a general Telecom question?
How can I contact a particular TIB staff member?

Who do I call in an Emergency?

What is the CIT/DNST TDD/TTY number for help?

Service Requests
How do I check the status of my TSR or DelPro?
How long does it take to get a phone installed
Where is the Telephone Service Request (TSR) form?
What's the difference between the TSR and DelPro?
Where can I find a
full list of NIH Telecom Services?

Telephone Features
How do I use ISDN 8510, 8520 or 8528 telephone features?
How do I use ISDN Tone Commander telephone features?
How do I use Merlin telephone features?
How do I use Analog telephone features?
How do I use Telephone System Access Codes?

How do I order new or different features?

Voice Mail Features
How can I learn more about my voice mail features?

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Where can I find more on...
telephone products and services?
the cost of my phone?
FTS Services?
NIH Wireless Services?

How do I set up...
a voice mail box?
a phone conference?
a speedcall list?
a video conference?
my fax agent?

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How do I obtain a...
NIH telephone directory?
Verizon telephone directory?
calling card?
remote access account?
cellular phone ?
104 pager?
commercial pager?

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Where can I learn about...
ordering equipment and services?
the NIH telephone systems?

the NIH Cable and Infrastructure systems?

Do you still have questions?
If you didn't find the answer you were looking for, you can contact us, and one of our knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives will be happy to help you:

All NIH Telecom requirements must be processed through the Telecommunications Infrastructure Branch
301-496-4357 (301-496-HELP)
E-mail: or Visit NIH Support at:
TDD/TTY: 1-800-438-8832

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