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    Updated December 1, 2003

    The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency is primarily funded by assessments on the assets held by national banks and fees it levies for services. For 2004, the fees include:

    • Licensing fees.
    • Fees for publications.
    • Miscellaneous fees.


    Reference: 12 CFR 5.5

    Payment of Fees

    Fees should be paid by check. Checks should be made payable to the "Comptroller of the Currency" and accompany the application. Payments by check will be converted into an electronic fund transfer. Please read the following notice if paying by check.

    The Licensing Fee Schedule is as follows:

    Application Type Fee
    New National Bank Charter
  • Individuals and Non Bank Holding Company Sponsored 2/
  • Full Service $25,000
    Credit Card $35,000
    Trust $25,000
    Internet - Primary 3/ $50,000
  • Bank Holding Company Sponsored
  • Full Service $10,000
    Credit Card $10,000
    Trust $10,000
    Internet - Primary 3/ $50,000
    Bankers' Bank $25,000
  • Low- and Moderate-Income Area 4/
  • $0
    Conversion to a National Bank
    Standard $5,000
    Expedited $2,500
    Business Combination Between Banks 5/
    Standard $6,000
    Expedited-Business Reorganization 5/ $2,000
    Expedited - Streamlined Application 5/ $4,000
    Combination with Nonbank Subsidiary or Affiliate 6/ $2,000
    Expedited Reorganization 7/ $250
    Failure Resolution
    Acquisition by de novo Group $7,500
    Acquisition by Existing Bank, Bank Holding Company, or Experienced Group 2,000
    Branches 8/
    Standard $350
    Expedited $0
    Low-or Moderate-Income Area 4/ or Indian Reservations 8/ $0
    Branch Relocation
    Standard $350
    Expedited $0
    Short-Distance $0
    Main Office Relocation
    To Existing Branch Within City Limits $0
    Other - Standard $700
    Other - Expedited $350
    Subsidiary 9/
    Standard $2,700
    Multi-Bank Op Sub as above +100 for
    each add'l bank
    After-the-Fact $500
    Change in Bank Control 10/
    New Entrant to System $10,000
    After-the-Fact $5,000
    Existing Officer/Director/National Bank $2,000
    Increase in Permanent Capital 11/
    Standard Request For Approval $500
    Expedited Request For Approval $250
    Reduction in Permanent Capital 12/
    Standard $500
    Expedited $250
    Subordinated Debt as Capital 13/
    Standard Application For Approval $1,000
    Expedited Approval $500
    Request to Prepay $250
    Fiduciary Powers
    Standard $1,600
    Expedited $800
    Bank Service Corporation
    Standard $2,000
    After-the-Fact $500
    Cash Dividend $0
    Dividend-in-Kind $250
    Stock Appraisal 14/ $8,200
    Section 914 Notice (Changes in Directors or Senior Executive Officers) $35
    Federal Branches and Agencies 15/
    Initial Federal Branch or Agency $10,000
    Additional Federal Branch or Agency
    Standard $1,000
    Expedited $500
    Standard 16/ $350
    Expedited $0
    Short Distance $0
    Change of Status - State to Federal
    Standard $3,600
    Expedited $1,800
    Change of Status - Other 17/
    Standard $700
    Expedited $350
    Fiduciary Powers
    Standard $1,600
    Expedited $800
    Voluntary Liquidation $0

    LICENSING FEES - Endnotes

    1/ Expedited processing is available to eligible banks as defined in Parts 5 and 28. Applicants may request a reduced fee for transactions requiring multiple filings, steps, or banks. Applicants requesting reduced fees should consult with the licensing manager in the appropriate district office in advance of filing. Generally, fee concessions are not granted unless savings in OCC's processing cost are demonstrated. end footnote 1

    2/ These fees are appropriate for charter applications submitted by a group of individuals or a sponsor that is not a bank holding company for purposes of the Bank Holding Company Act; or a sponsor that has received Federal Reserve Board approval as a bank holding company but has been in operation for less than three years prior to filing the application to organize a new national bank. end footnote 2

    3/ Includes banks that will operate predominantly on or via the Internet, but also have limited branch or nonbranch physical facilities, such as kiosks or ATMs (limited facility bank), as well as banks that will operate solely via the Internet (Internet-only bank).end footnote 3

    4/ The OCC does not require a licensing filing fee for applications for new national bank charters or branches to be located in a low- or moderate-income area as defined in 12 CFR 25.12(l), (n)(l), and (n)(2), and where no other depository institution operates a branch or main office. end footnote 4

    5/ The stated fees are for a transaction involving two banks. If more than two affiliated banks are involved, and, if the following criteria are met, the OCC may charge a fee of $100 for each additional intrastate charter and $200 for each additional interstate charter involved in the transaction. Criteria: a) the acquiring bank is eligible, b) current national bank assets exceed nonnational bank assets, and c) the combination presents no expected complications. Otherwise, additional fees will be required equal to no more than one-half the stated fee times the number of banks, based on the marginal increases in the OCC's processing costs attributable to the additional banks.

    An application that does not qualify for expedited review because it involves either an interim bank, a trust bank, or a credit card bank, is nonetheless charged the expedited - business reorganization fee if (1) the interim bank is merging with an eligible bank or (2) the trust bank or credit card bank is a subsidiary of a bank holding company whose lead bank is an eligible national bank or is a subsidiary of an eligible national bank. However, the application is not eligible for expedited review.

    The "Expedited - Business Reorganization" fee is charged for branch purchase and assumption transactions between affiliated institutions. Purchase and assumption transactions between unaffiliated banks are charged either the "Standard" or the "Expedited - Streamlined Application" fee, as appropriate.

    The definition of business reorganization is found at 12 CFR 5.33(d)(2). The definition of a streamlined application is found at 12 CFR 5.33(j)(1). end footnote 5

    6/Transactions conducted pursuant to 12 USC 215a-3. end footnote 6

    7/Transactions conducted pursuant to 12 USC 215a-2. end footnote 7

    8/ The fee listed is for one branch. Multiple branches filed together and published on the same date may be charged $100 per additional bank branch. The OCC does not require a licensing filing fee for applications for branches to be located on an Indian reservation. end footnote 8

    9/ These fees apply only to operating subsidiary filings by national banks, federal branches, or federal agencies and after-the-fact filings for noncontrolling investments under 12 CFR 5.36(e). end footnote 9

    10/ The fee for a change-in-bank-control filing should be borne by the party(ies) acquiring the shares. The fee for increases by an existing officer or director is available for persons who have been associated with the bank for more than three years. end footnote 10

    11/ A national bank generally need only submit a notice to increase its permanent capital. However, prior OCC approval is required to increase permanent capital if a bank is required by the OCC to obtain prior approval; it plans to sell common or preferred stock for consideration other than cash; or it will receive a material noncash contribution to capital surplus. end footnote 11

    12/Includes distributions from surplus or surplus accounts (unless to pay dividends from surplus that was transferred from prior period earnings); acquisitions of treasury stock; or retirement of outstanding shares. The expedited fee applies to an application to conduct a reverse stock split. No fee is required for applications to pay a dividend pursuant to 12 USC 60(b) unless it is a dividend-in-kind. end footnote 12

    13/Prior approval is required if the OCC has notified the bank that it must receive prior approval or the bank will become inadequately capitalized after the transaction. Otherwise, a bank may issue subordinated debt without prior OCC approval. However, if the bank would like the subordinated debt to count as Tier 2 capital, it must provide the OCC with notification after the debt has been issued. No fee is charged for this request. No approval is required for eligible banks to repay subordinated debt. end footnote 13

    14/ The fee for a stock appraisal must be borne by the bank which, in the case of a business combination, is the surviving bank. end footnote 14

    15/ After-the-fact merger applications could be subject to a fee. If a fee is required, it will be determined based on the specific circumstances surrounding the transaction.end footnote 15

    16/ Interstate relocations are processed under standard procedures. end footnote 16

    17/ There is no fee for a downgrade in the status of the federal branch or agency. end footnote 17


    The OCC has an extensive list of paper-based publications available for a fee, as well as publications available free of charge. For a list of publications and current prices, please consult the attached price list. Please note that publication prices are subject to change before the next schedule of fees is published

    Copies of an array of items, including news releases, job announcements, issuances (such as bulletins, advisories, and alerts) and other materials may be downloaded free of charge from the agency's Web site at: http://www.occ.treas.gov. For your convenience, the site contains a search engine to locate materials by subject.


    Prepayment is required for bank histories and certifications.

    Bank History - for single bank:
       Less than 50 years
       Fifty years or more                                  

    $  50.00      

    Bank histories are provided to determine the successor to an inactive national bank. They include corporate transactions such as name changes, mergers, closings, and the current address of the successor institution, if available.

    Certificates relating to licensing bank activities $100.00
       Title Changes
       Articles of Association
       Declaration of Insolvency
       Corporate Existence
       Fiduciary Powers
    Certificate of Authenticity (12 CFR Part 4) $100.00
    Copies of Certificate $ 10.00
    Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act Requests:
       Search and review $ 35.00 an hour
       Photocopying $   0.20 a page
    Examination Reports:
       Initial Copy Free
       Additional Copies - Each $ 10.00
       Special Requests - Each $ 50.00

    Cynthia T. Petitt
    Acting Senior Deputy Comptroller for the Office of Management
    and Chief Financial Officer

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