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  Research Summaries Database
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What is the Research Summaries Database

Research Summaries (RS), the Defense Technical Information Center's (DTIC®) second-largest database, was established to provide a rapid exchange of technical and management data describing ongoing Department of Defense (DoD) research and technology efforts at the Work Unit level and is an integral part of the management and conduct of DoD Research Development Test & Evaluation (RDT&E) programs. It provides summary descriptions of the technical content, performers, monitors, and funding sources of DoD research or technology efforts. Research Summaries increase the effectiveness of the DoD RDT&E program by providing descriptions of Research & Development (R&D) efforts to DoD and other Government scientists, engineers, managers, and their contractors in industry and academia. It identifies R&D efforts in a full range of scientific and technology disciplines; allowing managers to coordinate programs, eliminate overlap and duplication of effort. Resulting in cost-effective, complete research and a thorough end product. It also provides defense contractors access to data on planned, ongoing and completed work so their efforts can focus on issues of direct benefit to DoD.

Why you should submit Research Summaries to DTIC

DTIC's collection development efforts reflect the immediate and anticipated long-term information requirements of contractors and DoD personnel to strengthen the technology base and support the nation's warfighters. The benefits of submitting your information to the RS database are evident:

  • Increases your audience by making it available to an unlimited number of interested parties through secure Web-based access.
  • Identifies DoD individuals working in areas of mutual interest.
  • Helps to find other projects to share lessons learned and eliminate duplication of effort.
  • Enables others to locate current technical projects that impact on their work.
  • Accelerates the interchange of fast-breaking scientific findings.
  • Enhances communication, efficiency, and cost effectiveness of DoD work to better focus on military requirements.
  • Streamlines the search for relevant information.
  • Simplifies storage, reproduction, distribution and preservation of information.
  • Helps to identify contractors with experience in technological areas.
  • Permits managers to coordinate programs with others of similar goals.
  • Builds on related works within the same technological area.
  • Promotes sharing and transfer of related work throughout many R&D communities.

How to Register

1.Submit your DTIC on-line registration form at https://register.dtic.mil/DTIC.

2. Once you have received a User Code, Login, and Password, contact the RS Program Manager at (703) 767-8031 to continue the registration process.

Input System for submitting Research Summaries to DTIC

The Scientific and Technical Information Transfer (STINT) database has also made submitting RS data easier. This web-based input system was designed for users to report new starts or record progress on previously submitted R&D efforts. STINT employs sophisticated technology while remaining intuitive and user-friendly and the system provides an attractive, effective method to input, retrieve, and update information for RS records. DTIC adds this information to the database at least three times a month. STINT is available from DTIC at no cost to any RS contributor. The STINT community is comprised of three classes of users: Contributors, Focal Points, and Administrators. Each user is assigned a user class. The class determines a user's privileges and access rights.

Contributor - is responsible for the creation and update of a Research Summary.
Focal Point - is an experienced user that collects, edits, and submits Research Summaries received from contributors to DTIC.
Administrator – is responsible for the administration of the entire STINT system, they are technical leaders or RS project managers.

Who can access Research Summaries through DTIC

  • Employees of a DoD organization, DoD contractor or potential DoD contractor
  • Employees of a U.S. Federal Government agency or U.S. Federal Government agency contractor
  • Universities or colleges funded by DoD or a U.S. Federal Government agency for research throughout the U.S.

Related Links to the Research Summaries Database

RS records are made available on DTIC's RS database through its Private STINET and DROLS systems. In addition RS records are harvested and displayed by other databases, such as VTE (Virtual Technology Expo), MATRIS, and T2 (Technical Transfer). Virtual Technology Expo (VTE) is designed to allow subscribers to access information on the current research/products by DoD and industry, similar to the experience found at a Tech Expo. The MATRIS database contains over 13,000 records describing various aspects of people-related research. Both past, completed research, and current, active research are included.

Records are continuously added, updated, and verified for accuracy. Although the database is heavily focused on U.S. Department of Defense research, there are also contributions from other agencies including Merit Systems Protection Board, NASA, FAA, NATO and private industry. The T2 database provides descriptive information on U.S. Department of Defense current and recently completed research and development (R&D). The data is gathered from the DROLS (Defense RDT&E Online System) database on a quarterly basis. The originating laboratories have indicated that these R&D efforts have a high technology transfer potential. There are also contributions from other agencies including NASA, FAA, NATO and private industry.

Electronic Mailing List

DTIC encourages contributors to subscribe to its free Research Summaries (RS) electronic mailing list. The RS electronic mailing list offers a fast and easy mechanism for contributors to communicate with DTIC and other contributors in a discussion group. Contributors are able to ask questions, identify problems, submit suggestions, and stay abreast of new developments.

To subscribe, send an email message :
To: rs@dtic.mil
Subject: Listserv request
Message: Request subscription to STINT-L .

Points Of Contact

For more information about the Research Summaries Database Program, contact the
Acquisition Branch (DTIC-OCA) at:

Phone: (703) 767-8031 or (703) 767-9000
Email: rs@dtic.mil


Gray Line

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DTIC may not be able to respond to inquiries not appropriate to its mission.

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